1986 Chevrolet Nova Hatch 1.6 Carb from North America


I love Toyotas!!!


Gas gauge doesn't work over 1/2 tank, but accurate under 1/2 tank.

Exhaust was very rusted.

A/C doesn't work.

Clutch is going.

Stock stereo would come off and on.

General Comments:

I drive a lot. I deliver pizza and work for UPS 20 miles from my house. I've had the car for 4 months and put 12000 miles on it already.

This car gets very good gas mileage. I get 30+ around town and 37 on the highway with 4 people in it.

I'm 6'2" and fit in the car more comfortably than my Gram's Chevy Cavalier.

The clutch is starting to go, but I was told this before I bought the car, and it's still going after 12000 miles.

The engine gets the oil changed EVERY 3000 miles and doesn't burn oil.

This car meets my expectations, because I owned a 1986 Toyota Corolla before this which is the reason I bought this car. I had the Corolla last year and put 55000 miles on the car in that year I did little to it besides maintenance. It blew the head gasket with more than triple the maximum weight for cargo and passengers while going over a mountain it overheated and the head gasket blew 700 mile later.

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Review Date: 9th June, 2006

1986 Chevrolet Nova 1.6L from North America


Good gas mileage for the gutless wonder!


I have had to have the axiel boots replaced on both sides.

If idle (e.g. stopped at a stoplight), the car tends to die when gas is pushed again.

Windshield wipes sometimes don't work.

Needs tune-ups regularly.

Gas gauge does not work, although, the light will fuel light does turn on within 2-3 gallons of empty.

Rear window defogger connection broke and despite several attempts will not reattach.

I had to replace the timing belt, but that's normal for the age of the car.

General Comments:

My grandmother purchased this car brand new off the lot and I got when she stopped driving.

It has always been a slow starter and sometimes dies, but overall is in pretty good shape.

I regularly average over 30 mpg, which is fantastic considering the age.

In actuality, I haven't had to spend too much to keep the car running and it tends to do pretty well for me.

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Review Date: 1st June, 2006

1986 Chevrolet Nova from North America


If you only have $500, buy this car


Rust began to creep in on fenders and bottoms of door panels.

The fuel guage would read 50% when full, but would function normally once the fuel level fell below 50%.

Rear struts went, but that's expected after 100,000 country miles.

The radio flickered on and off after 100,000. Sometimes it would come back on after kicking it.

General Comments:

This little car is literally indestructible. It was my mother's old car that I drove for an interim period to save some money. I did nothing to care for this vehicle except maintain the oil levels, since I knew I would be moving on. I did everything to this poor car except defecate in the back seat, and it just kept going like a bionic cockroach.

My other friends with their nice new cars would moan about a $500 repair cost here and a $1000 replacement there. I never paid a cent for anything except new tires. Granted, there's not much for components actually IN this car, so not too much can go wrong. That's the beauty of it.

It started flawlessly every frigid New England morning. Negative 4 degrees? Didn't matter. Pumped the gas a few times and I was on my way.

Accelleration is non-existent, but once I was up to speed on the highway, I zipped along at 70mph just like everybody else.

Fuel economy was fantastic.

My only fear was that it felt like a deathtrap, should I happen to get in an accident. Maybe 20 years ago it wouldn't have seemed as dangerous, but I'm sure a head-on with an Escalade would be bad news. Then again, knowing the resiliency of the Nova, it wouldn't surprise me if it just sort of bounced off while the Caddy burst into flames.

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Review Date: 8th August, 2005