Concorde LX 3.5

Best car I've ever owned

251 words

Concorde 3.3 Litre V6

Piece of junk in the city, good on the highway

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Totally worth the money I paid for it

135 words

Concorde 3.3 litre

The money monster

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Concorde 3.5 24 valve

A bargain buy for the price I paid

170 words

Concorde 3.3L, V6

Worth what I bought it for, but the repairs are too costly

284 words

Concorde 3.5 24 valve V6

A good performer overall

159 words

Concorde 3.3

I great well priced quasi sporty, quasi intellectual car

59 words

Concorde 3.5

Stay away

61 words

Concorde 3.3

For a used car, it is OK

112 words


Over all it is a good car

45 words

Concorde 3.5L

Great looks and amenities; terrible craftsmanship!

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Concorde 3.5L V6

The big three will never bring build quality up to Japanese standards

147 words

Concorde 3.3L V6

One that is best avoided

157 words

Concorde LX 3.5L V6

Over-powerful front wheel drive

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Concorde V6

Wouldn't touch it with a 10 foot wrecker

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