2000 Chrysler Grand Voyager 3.3 Flex


Solid van


Noise in the belts, replaced: water pump, idler pulley, tensioner pulley.

Driver's side axle shaft, ball joint.

The tab that holds the sun visor to the interior broke, and is often broke on cars in the junk yard.

The factory CD player doesn't work, but the radio's fine

Basic Maintenance:

Front brakes, complete.

Spring in the rear brake drum broke, trashed the self adjuster.

Can of Freon.

Rust problems on the rocker and over the rear wheel arches. Bottom of the tail gate and hood.

I'm also starting to get the shock tower rust.

The weird part about the rust, is it's almost like it was done on purpose. There are plenty of drain holes, but I found plastic stickers covering each and every one. It looked like they came from the factory. The engineers properly designed the drain holes in, and somebody along the way didn't understand why they were there, and covered up the holes. This then rusted everything out from the inside.

General Comments:

Very comfortable interior.

The 3.3 seems to be a good motor for me.

Acceleration is fine, and handles well.

I'd keep the van if it wasn't for the rust.

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Review Date: 19th February, 2012

1996 Chrysler Grand Voyager LE 2.3 V6


I first got this car from a farmer who had one in his yard for 5 years. He sold it to me for 100 hundred dollars, because it did not run and had many things wrong with it.

When I took the car home, I had to immediately replace the old rusty engine.

The transmission also needed to be replaced.

The alternator was ruined from years of outdoor conditions, and had to be replaced.

The rims were letting out air, and needed to be replaced.

The seats have started to rip open.

It needed new tires.

The brakes needed to be replaced, so I did.

At this point I could now drive the car.

At 10 miles, the alternator stopped working.

At 132 miles, the car started shaking to extreme levels, but I cannot afford to get it fixed.

The suspension is so broken in that the car almost sags.

I discovered a rust hole in the trunk hidden by a carpet.

The speedometer stopped working, so I just have to guess the speed.

The muffler fell off, so it's even more noisy.

The used replacement engine broke; had to get another.

Mirrors stopped working.

The gears are grinding and locking up.

I have had to replace the head lights 4 times now.

Timing belt broke.

The door seal is starting to come off.

The seatbelt is hard to take off.

The gas tank is rusted and formed a hole; I replaced it.

Sorry, I have not mentioned the battery, which I have replaced 8 times now.

The whole dash stuff like speed, mileage, and rpm stopped working, and I cannot get it replaced because of money.

Wires stop working every few months, and need to be replaced, but most of the electrical system is shot anyway.

Two of the four door handles will not open the door.

Only one wiper is working.

That's all so far.

General Comments:

Almost everything has stopped working at one point, but I just keep fixing the little things, because I cannot buy a new car right now.

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Review Date: 28th July, 2010

1997 Chrysler Grand Voyager SE


My speedometer, gas, temperature, and mileage gauges have gone blank. I cannot seem to get a reliable answer as to what the problem is. The dealership says it could be one of three problems. Each of these possible fixes will cost at least $500 before labor. The fact that there is no guaranteed fix is really frustrating.

General Comments:

The van is a really comfortable ride.

Has lots of room.

It is extremely nice on road trips, and handles well.

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Review Date: 4th November, 2009

23rd Dec 2009, 17:22

Just call the local junk yard and ask for a spare unit. Got myself one for 150 euros, loosened & tightened a few screws and voilá! I'm pretty sure there's no other way to get rid of the problem, a common one if you live where the palm trees don't.

Chrysler is OK, despite the need for regular oil level checks and mysterious front end noise.