Laser Base 2.5L non-turbo

A great, very underrated high performance vehicle

210 words, 2 comments

Laser XT 2.2 turbo

Insanely fun, but very high maintenance

298 words, 1 comment

Laser Base 2.2 non turbo

Most reliable thing on the road

421 words, 1 comment

Laser 2.5 turbo


21 words

Laser laser xe 2.2 turbo

An 80's time capsule slated for collector car status

330 words, 2 comments

Laser XT 2.2L SOHC turbocharged/intercooled

Reliable, fast, and good looking too

330 words, 1 comment

Laser 2.6 turbo

A long running dependable car

52 words


Laser 2.2 Single-Point Fuel Injection

Easy to buy... a lifetime to master!

208 words, 2 comments

Laser XE turbo


105 words

Laser XE 2.2 turbo

I know it will be a classic!

132 words

Laser 2.2

They made this better than they thought they did!

137 words, 2 comments

Laser XE 2.2 turbo

A car worth keeping for 17 years and counting

77 words

Laser Turbo 2.2 turbo

A sub-par choice

86 words, 3 comments

Laser XE 2.2 turbo

Laser = Very cool, Very fast

350 words, 1 comment

Laser XT 2.2 tubo


26 words

Laser XE 2.2L turbo

Great performance vehicle

19 words

Laser XE 2.2 turbo

A high performance sleeper.. 'nuff said

144 words

Laser 2.2 turbo

An excellent car to own and drive, and a great thing for a first time driver or any driver!

76 words

Laser 2.2

Was probably a good idea at one time...

32 words, 2 comments

Laser EX 2.2 turbo


22 words


Laser EX 2.2 turbo

Fast and low!

72 words

Laser 2.2L turbo

175kph not even tapped out, now that's sweet

58 words

Laser XL 2.5 turbo III Intercooled

This car is absolutely spectacular

54 words

Laser XE 2.2L turbo

Nothing more than garbage!

58 words, 13 comments

Laser SE 2.2 turbo

A fun-to-drive money pit

129 words, 2 comments

Laser 2.5L Electronic Fuel Injection

Very quick sporty car

78 words, 1 comment