1994 Chrysler LHS 3.5


Solid Highway Cruiser


Typical front end bushings.

Typical trans periodic limp mode (shutting the car off and restarting fixes it for a few months).

A/C pressure switch.

General Comments:

My all time favorite highway cruiser. I'm 42 and get bored of cars after only a year of ownership. I've bought and sold 30 some cars in my adult life. My prior car was 94 Deville, and although it was a nice cruiser, the workmanship was poor. Cheap GM plastic everywhere.

I've had this LHS 2.5 years now, and will own it as long as I can get parts for it. I paid $1400 for it with the intentions of keeping is maybe 6 months, but ended up falling in love with it. It's nearly 23 years old, so it has some quirks... But knock on wood, has never left me stranded in 20k miles. That's not a lot of miles to judge a car by, but remember this car is 23 years old!

The interior is what I love about the car. Like driving a recliner down the road. Leather shows very little wear after 23 years. 10 speaker Infinity stereo sounds excellent, even compared to today's Mark Levinson systems in $100k cars.

Knocking 800 miles out at 80mph, is what Chrysler had in mind for this car. I've crisscrossed the western US without missing a beat.

I will more than likely find another LHS, but use it as a parts car. I almost forgot I just invest bought a brand new car, and the LHS still gets driven more. After driving the new car, the LHS feels like an armored car tank.

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Review Date: 24th May, 2017

1994 Chrysler LHS 3.5


Awesome and very luxurious, and would own another, given the oppurtunity


OK, I just bought a 1994 Chrysler LHS with 102,000 miles on it, and did a lot of research before I purchased it, because it has the famous tranny problem.

Got it diagnosed, and found it is the solenoid (wow, what a surprise). The good thing is it is an annoying but cheap fix (roughly $500).

General Comments:

I purchased the car for $500, so for $1000, I am confident that I got a good deal, and let me explain why. RECALLS!!! Does anybody do research when they purchase cars anymore? Almost all the problems listed are recalls by Chrysler. So other than the solenoid, I have all the problems listed, and will only have to pay for the solenoid, because I took 30 minutes and did some research.

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Review Date: 11th March, 2011

1994 Chrysler LHS 3.5L V6


I loves me some LH cars!


Items that need to replaced/addressed:

Driver seat wearing on bolsters.

Passenger seat has hole from 3 poodles riding in it for 13 years!

Paint is dead on flat surfaces because it had NEVER had a hand wax - always "spray wax" at car wash.

Power antenna not retracting completely when radio/car is off.

Sunroof will not vent and needs adjusted as it will not rest in the proper position.

A/C compressor dead (was replaced new in 2006).

Driver wiper overshooting the windshield when on.

Pulley making grinding noise.

Passenger airbag lifting and warping (common).

Headliner beginning to drop along rear window.

Slight scratch on passenger rear bumper.

Side door beauty moldings peeling.

General Comments:

This is my SIXTH LH car. They are:

1994 Chrysler New Yorker (Red Metallic/Quartz cloth) - bought new in 7/93.

1995 Chrysler LHS (Spruce/Agate leather) - bought new 5/95.

1996 Chrysler New Yorker (Black/Quartz cloth) - bought new 7/96.

1997 Eagle Vision TSi (Black/Quartz leather) - bought used 10/97.

1995 Chrysler LHS (Wildberry/Quartz leather) - bought used 11/01.

1994 Chrysler LHS (Spruce/Driftwood leather) - bought 4/09.

I am a car junkie! And I loves me some LH cars! Each of the aforementioned had issues from day one. And most of the issues were the same from car to car.

The 94 I purchased from a friend this month was bought new by her father in 4/94. Each and every maintenance was done at the Chrysler dealer he bought it from. In 4/07, he bought a cool vanilla 300C, and passed the LHS to his daughter. Only problem with that is she had 3 cars already; her partner had 2. The LHS sat for 2 years. She put 2,000 miles on the car in that length of time. She calls me, says I can have it for (a deferred) $1,000. Said she put 4 new tires on 2/09 ($800+ with alignment) and brakes/rotors times 4 ($450) 3/09 along with an oil change). I, without hesitation, jumped. Since we live 6 hours apart, we met halfway. Came home with no issues - 27+ MPG @ 60 with cruise control set.

Though this car has things that need addressed, I LOVE it. I also have a 2004 Honda Accord EX V6 2 dr (Black) that hasn't moved from the garage in over a week! I think it may be jealous! I absolutely endorse the LH cars - as long as you go into buying one KNOWING you will HAVE to fix things. But the trade off is worth it. Comfort, size, power, luxury, grace, class... Can't go wrong in my opinion.

BTW, I went through 2 wives between my 95 Spruce and 96 Black LOL! I traded wives, but stuck with Chrysler!


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Review Date: 14th April, 2009