New Yorker Landau V6

This car has some major flaws, but can be a good choice under modest driving conditions.

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New Yorker Basic 3.0L V6

Great car if it was still around

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New Yorker

I will be looking for another one if any thing bad happens to this one

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New Yorker

A nice comfortable ride, but be prepared to spend a fortune on transmission repairs

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New Yorker Landau 3.0

Definitely not even close to a Cadillac

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New Yorker Base 3.0

This car is the biggest lemon ever

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New Yorker Basic 3.0L V6

Power, classic looks and reliability - what more can you ask?

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New Yorker Fifth Avenue Edition 318 MoPar V8

The most luxurious car after a Cadillac..

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