21st Dec 2002, 21:55

I have the Mark Cross edition with over 200,000 miles. I love it's leather interior and plush seats. Everyone who has got in always makes a comment about it's interior. I feel much safer with the steel bumper; I recently seen a similar model rear end a foreign car, there was extensive damage on the foreign car and only a minor dent on the steel bumper. A true classic American "luxury" car.

20th Mar 2003, 11:30

I have just bought the Mark Cross Edition. The car has been very taken care of since the owner was an employee at the Chrysler Dealer I bought it at. So far the car has shown great acceleration and power. There are some interesting noises when you make turns at certain speeds, but I'm in love with the looks and interior.

20th May 2003, 12:21

I own a 1989 Chrysler New Yorker with the landau roof and leather, Mark Cross, interior. It had 88K miles when a bought it. I have heard about the transmission problems before, but was blinded by its looks. I loved boxy American cars! At first it drove great and I was pretty comfortable with it except for the crappy 1000 Mile warranty. After driving if for a while the car started getting stuck in 2nd gear, the dreaded "Limp Home mode". Soon just restarting the car wouldn't fix the problem. So I took it back and explained to the dealer what happened and that I knew about the faulty transmission. And they got a new Control Module (upgraded computer) that was updated to 2003. After that the car shifted smoothly and it even got better gas mileage. I feel a lot more at ease with the car.. it seems more reliable. If you start getting problems with your Chrysler transmission I advise to update the Control Module (like $200), they probably won't tell about it unless you ask. Also try flushing the transmission fluid and putting the RIGHT stuff in just in case. Chrysler transmissions require a certain trans. fluid... NOT DEXRON. Just putting another transmission in the car isn't always the answer.

27th Feb 2004, 12:36

Icurrently own the 1989 chrysler new yorker with the landau roof the mark cross edition. It has been a great car except for the gas gauge stopped working and the coil isn't getting fire, but great car I call her lux.

10th Mar 2004, 03:25

I just bought the 1989 New Yorker Landau with 113,000 miles. Being an avid Cadillac lover all my life, this car can hold it's own so far. The only thing I had to do to this car is change the valve cover gasket. Other than that, no cracks in the leather seats--they still look brand new! The acceleration was incredible for a 3.0L. The comfort level seems incredible and I am proud to announce that all the electrical equipment works like new--with the exception of the radio controls--the "words and indicators" have rubbed off from use. That is a small price to pay being that the car is now 14 years old. Kudos to Chrysler for developing a "mini-Caddy".

21st Jun 2004, 19:56

Just purchased a 1989 New Yorker from a friend of my grand fathers. This thing is in PERFECT condition and only has 75k. My previous cars have all been stick, though. I'm sure I'll miss it, but the New Yorker only cost me a dollar, so I think I'll live.

4th Aug 2004, 19:26

My daughter is 17 and she just bought her first car. The car is a 1989 new yorker landau mark cross and she is just in LOVE with it.

She worked hard all summer to save up enough money to buy this car. If you know of any common problems this car is known for, please write back.


25th Sep 2004, 14:32

My mother just got an '88. I agree the interior is very nice. We don't know too much about these car. It stalls on her all the time. When she is stopped in traffic or at a stop light. Does/did anyone else have this problem also?

26th Sep 2004, 16:47

My daughters car is a Landau mark cross, which is related to the type of interior. The car has beautiful full power leather seats, and I am unsure what is included with the other models.


10th Oct 2004, 14:55

Five years ago, we purchased a 1989 New Yorker from a local car dealership. We asked if there were any known problems with this make of car, and were told there weren't any problems. Well, unfortunately, a year later we found out that there are numerous problems with the transmission. So far, over the past four years, we have spent close to $1500, including five towing charges, on various problems with the transmission. (This does not include the other things that have gone wrong which amounts to another $1500.) First, it was a sensor, then the converter, then found out that the tranny had been replaced once already, they changed and replace filter and oil twice. The last time, two days ago, it was in the shop again, this time for intermittently going into "limp home mode". Another $500 to replace the shift cable assembly. We were assured that this time it was fixed. This morning, on the way to my son's hockey game, it did it again. So, back to the shop it will go. We did tell them about the earlier posting on this website about the Control Module, they said that was not the problem. We like the way the car drives when it works, but we can't keep putting more money into it and never having it last longer than six months before being back in the shop with it. Since all these problems started, we have found out from other people, as well as lots of info on the Internet, that Chrysler has lousy transmissions. Therefore, we would not recommend a Chrysler car to anyone.

7th Aug 2005, 15:42

This is to Ftc29@hotmail.com. I got my 89 New Yorker landau Mark Cross edition from my father. I let my wife drive it and she came home the other day and told me that the computer cut off on her. So, I told my dad about it and he said that we had to make sure we turned everything off before shutting the car down. That means turn the ac off, turn the fan all the way down, and turn off the radio. Since we've done that the car has been fine. I hope this helps you out.

19th Feb 2011, 18:05

My transmission just started getting stuck in second gear, on the freeway this week. I am hoping that a transmission flush will do it. What fluid is now the correct fluid? Are there substitutes?

Is the module the only other option, or could there be a fuse?

I get the best mileage from this car other than my other vehicles. Rides well. Infinity stereo is still about the best.

9th Dec 2015, 19:24

I don't believe your mechanics are being truthful and/or know what they are doing!! I have owned two New Yorkers, 1990 & 1989! I have had to replace the TCM on both, never a shift cable. I believe they have taken advantage of you. And if you check with others that have used them, you will probably find that they have done it to others.

31st Jan 2020, 17:15

TCM may fail. Transmission will drop into limp mode.

31st Jan 2020, 17:18

Definitely TCM. The transmission control module sends the car in limp mode. Replace the TCM and you'll be better off with that.