2001 Chrysler Sebring Sedan reviews from North America

Sebring Sedan LX 6 cylinder

Outstanding. I will miss mine a lot!!!

140 words

Sebring Sedan LXi 2.7 V6

Fantastic domestic family car

268 words

Sebring Sedan LX 2.7L V6

V6 power with the economy of a 4 cylinder

181 words

Sebring Sedan LXi 2.7L

I will never buy Chrysler

25 words, 1 comment

Sebring Sedan LXI 2.6 V6

Reliable, but poor electrical and chrome

506 words

Sebring Sedan LXI 4 cylinder

Glitches galore and expect it at 100,000 miles

146 words

Sebring Sedan LXI 2.7 V6

Excellent all around package

56 words

Sebring Sedan lxi 2.7 V6 DOHC 24 valve 32 hp

Perfect mid-sized car, high performance

90 words, 3 comments

Sebring Sedan LXi 2.7

A wonderful, though under-appreciated, car

152 words

Sebring Sedan LX Plus 2.7L V6

A good deal, and fun to drive

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