200SX 2.0

Best riding car on the highway. 40 MPG

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200SX 2.2L

Fun to drive!

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200SX 2.2L Z22-E

Best sporty/economical car ever

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200SX Coupe Z-22-E

A low dollar hot-rod in disguise, the perfect sleeper

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200SX 2.2L

I loved that car

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200SX 2.0

Can't seem to part with it

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200SX 4 cylinder

This thing moves!!

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200SX Base 2.0

If this car was a fruit drink it would be called lemonade

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200SX 2.0 litre

A stunning beauty with tech advances that served me very well. I miss her

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200SX 2.0 I4 NAPZ motor

The reason why imports are taking over

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Bulletproof and Long Lasting - The Most Reliable Car I've Ever Owned

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It's just friggin' amazing

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Nice overall look and design for sound system

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