1979 Datsun 310


A great dependable little car


This car has few faults. I have had minor problems with the linkage in the five speed transmission.

General Comments:

This 1979 Datsun 310 could have gone to the Moon and back. The engine is unstoppable. The car starts rain or shine and get over 35 m.p.g. This car has been very dependable and economical to run. My wife and kids could not say enough about me owning this little "blue bomb". I have been able to use the car like a "Texas pickup", for hauling everything. The hatchback gives you all the room to haul a refrigerator. The sadness that I have today,after twenty years of owning this car, is having to say "goodbye". This car has been steady at the wheel as President Reagan was. If I would have said to this Datsun, "Tear down this wall" she would have given all to do it. I am parting with this car as I have donated it to Volunteers of America. My Datsun will be greatly missed in our yard.

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Review Date: 12th June, 2004

1980 Datsun 310 GX


Now old - deserving a caring owner - generations to come can see how Japan took on Detroit!


Constant Velocity (CV) joints bad @75K.

General Comments:

Oh how I loved this car! Yes it was my first brand new from the dealer car.

I've owned many cars, (ranging from new Mercedes to beater trucks) before and since, but this car will always hold a special spot. 7 years, using it for 4 of those every day in work... it was always sharp looking, ran like a top and cheap as can be to run.

In the hatchback mode it did everything it was asked... act as a moving truck or with its 5 speed and front wheel drive... stylish tour vehicle getting through any weather.

Gold paint with black trim and the hatch, with comfortable front seats, enough room to squeeze guests in the back 2 fold downs if needed. living in Phoenix proved it may have had (the all important) best air conditioning in the world.

No it isn't really powerful, nor super handling, but through those 7 years of ups and downs... it was simply the only thing I could (and inevitably did) rely on, especially through the worst of times.

Please, if you find one, give it a good home.

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Review Date: 19th February, 2004

13th Mar 2004, 21:07

I have an 81 Datsun 310 GX hatchback and I just wanted to say I agree in full on what you say about 310. Its true, they are perfect for any day of the year. I have recently converted my exhaust to 2' with an afterburner performance muffler. The thing sounds awesome. From one 310 lover to another. I salute you!


Vancouver, Canada.

1979 Datsun 310 GX


Worst car I ever owned


3 clutches in 3 years

Alternator, Starter, ignition switch, replaced engine for multiple oil leaks, broken strut (twice)

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Review Date: 9th January, 2004

10th Jan 2004, 13:56

3 "cluthes" in 3 years means either whoever put the clutch in did not know what the hell they were doing, or you did not know how to drive a car with a manual transmission.

As for those other problems, the car was 10 years old already when you bought it, any car that age is going to have problems, especially with high mileage, which information you neglected to mention.

And what is a "Datsun Volkswagon"??

1980 Datsun 310 GX 1.4 L


Very dependable for an old car


Door handle had to be replaced.

Alternater is a Chevy part, but works just fine.

Various fuses don't work.

Seats are worn out.

General Comments:

Rough riding car and not the best handling, but very dependable even at almost 300,000 miles.

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Review Date: 27th March, 2001

11th Mar 2012, 14:45

I have a nice 1980 Datsun 310GX. I'm in Chihuahua, Mexico. I need the front grille. Can you please tell me where I can buy it?

1981 Datsun 310 2 door sedan 1.5 A15




Carburator needed a new link after being worn.

Shifter bushing needed replacing.



Right side rear window opener replaced.

Right side rear-view mirror added.

Ignition control module.

Safety switches.

Outer right tie rod ends.


Regular maintenance.

Rear hatch lifters.



Fuel gauge need replacing.

General Comments:

General complaints about a lack of air conditioning and small, solid feeling wheels.

Engine surges and stalls when cold, transmission is noisy and shifting is sloppy.

Still needs shocks, struts and small items replacing. Body sway and wheel lift in corners.

Interior plastic pieces have degraded over time and are crumbling.

Losing pressure in #3 cylinder and it's in need of an engine and transmission rebuild.

Poor clutch replacement job causes the transmission to leak, especially onto the clutch making it slip under acceleration.

Vibrations and noise are loud.

Seats are low and the seatbelts are the defective "passive" type.

Engine consumes/leaks a quart every 1000 miles.

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Review Date: 25th November, 2000

24th Jun 2001, 16:26

The same car is still doing OK, but the hydraulic clutch linkage is leaking.

Speedometer has been erratic, and had to be disconnected.

Wipers will sometimes not come on for a few minutes after overnight dew or rain.

Disc brake pads have no squeak tabs that warn about needed replacement.

Clutch throwout bearing is noisy after being replaced just two years ago.

Heard some Japanese models had fuel injection!

Carparts.com has a custom front air-dam with disc brake ducts. Anyone know about Nissan parts compatibility with newer models?

11th Jul 2004, 15:19

It's too bad yours has been giving you so much trouble. Usually they're pretty solid and reliable - though the cheap interior plastic and the really noisy transmission seem to apply to most if not all of the 310s.

1981 Datsun 310


What a car!


I have blown a few fuses. I need to replace a door handle.

General Comments:

This has been the best car I have ever owned. Don't make 'em like they used to. Takes a certain kind of person to love a car like this.

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Review Date: 3rd April, 2000

1st Oct 2004, 10:21

I completely agree with you. I live in Argentina and own one of them since last year, and after passing through two (not so caring) hands, I bought it. I previously had a '79 Daihatsu Charade, but it was more problematic than this one... I really love my Datsun. I drive it almost everyday and still runs good. The suspension system really needs some maintenance because it's making noises everywhere, but I'm gonna fix it as soon as possible. Conclusion: a complete babe still after 23 years of use and misuse!!


1980 Datsun 310 GX 1.3 gas


-Clutch master cylinder/slave cylinder

-Door handles (3) broke off, replaced

-Piston on rear hatch

-Carburettor became clogged

-Plastic interior panels and upholstery began to deteriorate

General Comments:

This was a great car. Was reliable even at 200,000 miles! I drove it through high school and it regularly got 35-40mpg with no breakdowns. I would buy it back if I could find it again, that's how great this car was. I replaced it with its newer brethren, the Nissan Sentra. Also a great car, but more problematic.

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Review Date: 10th December, 1999

16th May 2001, 10:50

Well I have a 1980 Datsun 310 GX Coupe Hatchback. I'm only fourteen, working on it to make it nice for when I get my licence. It's a really neat car I think.