Dakota 3.9 V6

Outstanding... check previous owners before buying..

18 words

Dakota SE 5.2

I definitely would buy another newer model

35 words

Dakota 3.9 V6

Very simple truck, nothing fancy

159 words, 4 comments

Dakota LE 318

Poor economy high maintenance

304 words, 1 comment

Dakota le extended cab 5.2 liter V8

The truck is god

74 words

Dakota 3.9L V6


58 words

Dakota 5.2L V8

Smooth running dependable truck

72 words

Dakota LX 5.2 V8

Big power and comfort in a mid-size truck

216 words

Dakota LE 5.2 V8

Best truck I have owned

123 words

Dakota SE 5.2L

A nice little truck with performance potential

127 words, 1 comment

Dakota 5.2L 318 V8

26 words

Dakota 1.5 litre

Great all purpose light-duty truck

194 words

Dakota 2WD, Ext. Cab 3.9 V6

The best truck ever built with nothing but quality displayed when driving down the highway

117 words, 2 comments

Dakota 3.9 V6

137 words

Dakota LE 3.9


62 words, 2 comments


The truck SUCKS, I'll never buy a Dodge again!!!

102 words, 9 comments

Dakota 3.9 Liter V6

A fun, moderate-expense truck to drive

84 words

Dakota LE 4x4 5.2 Gas

After nine years I still look back at my truck when I leave it, it still gets the looks

244 words, 1 comment

Dakota 3.9L V6

109 words, 2 comments

Dakota LE 5.6l

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