Dakota LE 5.2 V8 Magnum

Awesome all-around truck!

289 words

Dakota LE 5.2 liter

Best little pickup

145 words

Dakota LE 4X4 Club cab 318 Magnum V8 5.2

Pure American made Mopar Muscle

169 words

Dakota 3.9L Magnum V6 5 speed

Great beater

113 words, 1 comment

Dakota 5.2 Magnum

Great Lil Truck

280 words

Dakota 5.2 liter 318ci magnum

Muscle truck

120 words

Dakota Extended Cab LE 3.9L

A strong comfortable work truck

182 words, 1 comment

Dakota Sport 3.9L

Nice mid-size truck

199 words, 1 comment

Dakota LE club cab 3.9 magnum

This is one pretty good Dodge truck

72 words

Dakota 1992 Dodge Ext. Cab Sport 4x4 3.9L (239 cubic inch) V6 Magnum

A Mopar Legend, Dakota's Rule the Truck Market

224 words

Dakota LE Extended cab 4x4 5.2 Liter 318 CI V8

A great deal for $1750

194 words

Dakota sport 2.5

If you buy one make sure it has been taken care of it's entire life or youll regret it!

292 words, 4 comments

Dakota SLE 5.9L V8 Gas

Would not buy another Chrysler product

96 words, 2 comments

Dakota Extended Cab 4X4 5.2L V8

Very dependable truck to drive around town or to take out on the weekends

21 words, 1 comment

Dakota LE 4x4 5.2 Magnum

Powerful, Reliable, Great Truck!

112 words

Dakota LE 3.9 V6

A great truck on the highway, on the streets, or off road, but not when handling more than 1500 lbs

246 words

Dakota Sport 5.2

Highly maneuverable with quick responses

159 words, 1 comment

Dakota Sport 3.9L Magnum

The pinnacle of automotive endurance

199 words

Dakota Sport 5.2L 318

Best truck I ever owned

61 words

Dakota Club Cab LE 3.9 V6

This truck halls, gas mileage stinks!

171 words

Dakota LE 5.2 Ltr

A high performance engine wrapped in questionable electronics and paint

67 words

Dakota LE Club Cab 3.9 V6

This is the best light truck...ever!

152 words, 1 comment

Dakota LE 318 V8

A high performance truck with low performance paint!

101 words

Dakota LE 4X4 Extended Cab 3.9 V6

A good dependable light/medium duty truck

67 words

Dakota club cab 3.9


43 words

Dakota LE, Long Box 3.9L V6

Great performance to weight ratio!!!

152 words

Dakota LE 5.2 litre EFI


105 words, 1 comment

Dakota LE 4x4 3.9 magnum

It's never let me down.

50 words

Dakota LE CLUB 4X4 5.2

The best truck I have ever owned, or driven

102 words, 3 comments

Dakota 4x4 Club Cab 5.2 V8 (318 c.i.)

A great all-around 4x4, powerful and capable

92 words

Dakota Club Cab LE 4x4 3.6L V6

A lotta bang for the buck!

91 words, 2 comments

Dakota Club Cab 3.9

So far so good

85 words

Dakota Sport 5.2

87 words, 1 comment