1992 Dodge Dakota Extended Cab LE 3.9L from North America


A strong comfortable work truck


I have not owned this truck very long yet, but when I bought it, the paint is pealing just a little. And I've had to replace the motor mounts, water pump, front shocks, and inner tie rod ends.

I also have changed the coolant, engine oil, tranny fluid and filter, spark plugs, ignition cap, rotor, wires and fuel filter as preventative maintenance.

General Comments:

I was very reluctant to take this truck, it is in very good shape, but has a ton of mileage on it (300K), but I'm glad I did, it is so much easier to drive and more comfortable than my old Toyota was. My only complaint is the gas mileage is lower than I had hoped, lower than the toyota was but still better than a full sized truck. Plus it hauls like a full size.

I have to say that these trucks are very well built, I've bought rigs with half the mileage in worse shape. The former owner must have taken care of it, but still 300,000 miles, and still going on the original engine and original transmission.

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Review Date: 25th October, 2008

8th Feb 2010, 14:02

Just bought one in October of 09. Over 100,000 on it.

Wish the extended cab was a little roomier, but, just wanted the seats for "in case" had to haul someone else.

Very pleased with my truck. Love the fact that it has a full-size bed plus the extended cab.

Need to get used to the longer turning radius, as I often have to back up and realign myself to get into parking spaces.

Some work had been done to it supposedly before I bought it - brakes, new plugs and wires, etc.

I just recently had to replace the fuel filter, as it died going around a corner one night and would not restart, but, of course started right up the next morning at the mechanic.

Need to get tires, probably shocks, has a valve cover leak, doesn't seem to have any heat (just found out in this rare cold Florida winter), need to have rack and pinion checked and maybe the brakes (possible cylinder rust,) also need a few cosmetics as there are two seat belts that need replacing.

Interior in pretty good shape though. Need headliner repaired.

Is losing paint. Pretty sure it used to be blue but, is currently white with a red pinstripe.

Had to have a door hinge re-welded.

Driver's door has a slight dent and has issues closing tightly, plus I think the window track may be bent. Had to have the window put back on track, and they said something about that. Don't dare roll the window down all the way or else it might jump track, as the replacement pieces I bought at the local parts store didn't fit, and I still need to get the right ones from Dodge. Did recently have to replace the grommet for the windshield wipers. No big deal in cost though.

1992 Dodge Dakota Sport 3.9L from North America


Nice mid-size truck


On my third windshield - got a bug deflector, seems to help. Distributor shaft broke at 90K. Very small motor oil leak, a drop or two a day. Loses a pint between oil changes (smoke out the exhaust) when you get on the gas. Running about 17 mpg, I do lots of freeway driving though. Paint flaked off, sent truck to Maaco and Line-X'd the bed, truck looks great now. Fuel gauge hasn't worked since I bought it, nor has the temp gauge. Fixed poor cabin heat by back-flushing the heater core. Speedo still works, but the odometer went out a couple of weeks ago. Small leak on pass. floorboard when it rains a lot, but not enough to worry about. I get a rattling sound on the passenger side (glove compartment?) that I can't pinpoint just yet.

General Comments:

Generally have been happy with this truck and am using as a daily driver. Wished mine had tilt steering, everything else seems to be holding together pretty well.

Grateful for various sites on the web with technical info. Handles well and only smokes when I really get on the gas, probably needs rings. Seats holding up well as is the dash.

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Review Date: 11th February, 2008

26th Jan 2009, 06:04

Ditto Ditto and Ditto... except mine has tilt... no smoke but had to fix computer at 185,000 and fuel pump at 187,000. so overall not bad, plus my cousin had it before me... never changed the oil... gets regular changes now, runs good.