1992 Dodge Dakota LE 5.2 V8 Magnum from North America


Awesome all-around truck!


The upper and lower bushings wore out, and the paint comes off occasionally in small spots.

Also had to replace the belt tension pulley.

The tachometer jumps around quite a bit when starting up, and also when driving.

General Comments:

It runs great for its age, minimal problems. Maintenance is easy to keep up with, although I had a bit of a hard time reaching up into the engine from under to change the oil filter.

When I first got it, it had all of its original parts still. It also had a CB radio antenna, and that has been removed. The radio got swapped out for a Kenwood, recently replaced the speakers for Alpine ones, soundproofed the cab, replaced the shocks, and added a sway bar to the back.

Parking is a bit of a pain due to the 8 foot bed, but it's offset by the amount of cargo space (I'm a bit picky about where I park too, heh). I have a camper shell on the back too, which caused it to lean pretty badly when turning before I had the shocks replaced and the sway bar added. It handles MUCH better now.

The engine gives it plenty of get-up-and-go, although it probably would accelerate faster if it didn't have the camper shell. Personally, I love the sound it makes when it drops to a lower gear as I pass others.

The 4x4 is awesome! It goes through snow easily and mud doesn't present much of a challenge either.

I would buy another vehicle from Dodge, but I don't think I would buy the Dakota if it comes back. I like the straight line styling of my old Dakota better than the curved lines on the later models.

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Review Date: 30th October, 2015

1992 Dodge Dakota LE 5.2 liter from North America


Best little pickup


Injector clips were removed when the mechanic cleaned the injectors, and were not put back on.

General Comments:

Bought this little truck, not wanting another Dakota after having an 01 quad cab that could not haul very much, but this 92 has surprised me and a lot of others. I've hauled 30 50lb bales of hay, and didn't even bother it. It handled it at higher speeds, and I've been hauling heavy loads on almost all the miles I've put on it.

Great little off road truck; I love it!!!

Doesn't get the greatest gas mileage, but it's a V8; can't have power and good MPG.

I've put about 20k miles on it with the injector clips missing, steers like a new truck, VERY reliable!!!

I can't say enough about how awesome this little pickup has been. I am impressed at the loads this truck can handle!!!

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Review Date: 3rd February, 2011

1992 Dodge Dakota LE 4X4 Club cab 318 Magnum V8 5.2 from North America


Pure American made Mopar Muscle


Tranny just went at 234,980, stills runs around in second and reverse, just can't romp it, and it just disengages randomly.

Radiator had to be replaced, because it was punched through by a pine tree.

The headliner has turned into a tent, along with the passenger seat falling apart.

Doors are falling off.

General Comments:

Original V-8, does not knock, smoke or burn oil, even though it's been taken to truck pulls and has pulled many large trees out, not to mention neglected in terms of normal maintenance.

Starts up every time.

Sounds great - been beat into ground and barely shows it except cosmetically, dents on peeling paint etc.

Every tap on the gas was a lesson in burnout theory, until the tranny died.

Unfortunately, it is being scrapped. Got a hold of a 93 Dakota Club cab 4x4 with a 3.9 5 spd 4 $500 - dropping the V-8 from this one in soon. It's a shame it has to go - one of the best trucks ever made.

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Review Date: 17th June, 2010