Dakota Base 3.9L V6 238 cubic inch

I could have done worse

214 words

Dakota Sport

Great truck, would buy another, recommend truck to others

93 words, 1 comment

Dakota SLT 3.9

Dodge's biggest failure so far

107 words, 4 comments

Dakota Extended Cab 3.9 Magnum V6

Not a Caddy, but not a lemon

219 words, 2 comments

Dakota SLT 3.9 V6

Great truck

122 words

Dakota 3.9 liter V6


101 words

Dakota SLT 3.9 Magnum

Not a real truck!!!

362 words, 2 comments

Dakota Sport 2.5L inline-four

A gutless wonder with a horrible electrical system; otherwise decent

166 words

Dakota V6 Magnum

A good truck is only as good as its maintenance

168 words, 1 comment

Dakota V8 4X4 5.2

Love it!!

271 words

Dakota SLT Club Cab 3.9L V6

The Dakota is an excellent choice for a truck

170 words, 1 comment

Dakota 4x4 Extended Cab 3.8 liter Magnum V6


400 words, 6 comments

Dakota dakota SLT ext. cab 4x4 318 V8

Smooth, powerful, reliable truck

189 words

Dakota SLT 5.2L V8

Really good truck, would recommend to anyone looking for a mid-size truck with power

64 words

Dakota Sport 5.2 318

The best thing created

45 words, 2 comments

Dakota SLT 5.2

Great all around vehicle

144 words

Dakota 3.9


48 words, 9 comments

Dakota SLT 5.2 V8 Magnum

Buy a Chevy instead

60 words, 5 comments

Dakota SLT 3.9 V6

Powerful, but not reliable

185 words, 2 comments

Dakota SLT 3.9 Magnum V6

Proven Performer, everyone should have one

303 words

Dakota SLT 3.9 Magnum

An extremely durable truck with a great ride and comfortable interior

344 words, 2 comments

Dakota SLT Club Cab 5.2 V-8

Well worth the investment

124 words, 3 comments

Dakota Sport Extended Cab 3.9L V-6

I am well satisfied with this truck

114 words, 2 comments

Dakota LST 3.9

A truck built only to get out of the warranty period

69 words