2004 Dodge Dakota reviews from North America

Dakota Club Cab 3.7 V6

It was cheap at 15 grand, but you get what you pay for

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Dakota 4.7

The Dakota is like having a sports car, truck, and a sedan all in one vehicle

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Dakota 2 door extended cab 4.7L Magnum V8

Love it. So much torque for the class

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Dakota SXT 4.7L V8

I love this truck!

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Dakota SLT 3.7 V6

What a fancy looking piece of junk!

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Dakota SXT 4.7

Great family hauler inside that will hold Dads toys outside

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Dakota Club Cab Sport 4X2 3.7L V6

Nice truck, but only if you really need a truck

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Dakota SXT 3.7L V6

This truck performs better than I expected

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Dakota SLT 4.7L V8

Great truck, if you actually use it

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Dakota SXT 3.7L Gas

It is a worthy athlete. Check one out today

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Dakota Quad Cab SLT 4.7 liter V8

Great versatile truck

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Dakota SLT 3.7 V6

This truck is costing us more in repairs than the purchase price

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Dakota Sport 4.7L V8

I'm happy so far

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Dakota SLT 4.7 V8 Magnum

Raw V-8 power, good looks, 4X4 capability... I love this truck!

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Dakota SLT 4.7 Liter V8

Overall, what a great choice

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Dakota Quad Cab Sport 4.7 Liter Magnum V8

Overall I thing this was a great choice

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Dakota Sport 4x4 ext. cab 4.7 magnum V8

This truck is great!

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Dakota SXT 3.7L

This truck is causing me severe mental stress

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Dakota Quad Cab SLT 4.7 Liter V8

An Awesome Truck

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Dakota SLT Quad Cab 4 x 4 4.7

My second purchase of this vehicle

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Dakota SLT 4.7L Magnum

A strong, comfortable workhorse

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