Daytona IROC 3.0 V6

Very reliable, fun and great on gas

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Daytona 2.5L TBI

Best car Dodge has made in the last 20 years

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Daytona ES 3.0 gas

This is a great car that I would be willing to sell to a collector for book value

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Daytona 2.5L

Speedy, Reliable and Low Gas Consumption!

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Daytona IROC 2.5L turbo

Low price, high performance

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Daytona ES V6

I still like it

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Daytona ES 3.0V6

Fun, fast, but not quite reliable

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Daytona 2.5

What it saves you in gas it takes back in repairs

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Daytona IROC 2.5L turbo

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Daytona 2.5L

Not a high performance car, but fun and cheap to own

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