1989 Dodge Ramcharger reviews from North America

Ramcharger 360 ci

Best SUV ever

65 words, 2 comments

Ramcharger 150 360

Should have kept making them

58 words


Tough and reliable

Ramcharger 150 LE (2 wheel drive) 5.9L (360 cu in)

The best vehicle I have ever owned

88 words

Ramcharger 150 318 EFI V8

Reliable, good looking, fun truck to have

223 words, 2 comments

Ramcharger SE 318

This vehicle is a solid, sturdy, dependable tank that I would recommend to anybody

349 words

Ramcharger 150 LS 318 5.2litre

Unstoppable beautiful machine

94 words

Ramcharger LE 150 5.9 Liter V8

A beefy rig built to last, but not a commuter car

59 words

Ramcharger LE 150 318 c.i. EFI

The Dodge Ramcharger is one of the best designs ever thought of, its reliable, practical, and simple

70 words, 3 comments

Ramcharger LE 360 5.9 liter V8

Like it says

70 words