Stratus SE 2.7

The Dodge Stratus SE is a wonderful car

169 words

Stratus SE 2.4 I-4 cylinder

It's a great car, and I would definitely own another Chrysler/Dodge vehicle

139 words

Stratus SE Coupe 3.0


127 words

Stratus RT 3.0

Best I have ever owned!!! Buy one

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Stratus SE 2.4 4 cylinder

Nice, but Don't Buy Out Of Warranty

45 words

Stratus 2.4 4 cylinder

Best car I have ever owned

134 words

Stratus SE

Do NOT buy this car!

251 words, 2 comments

Stratus R/T 3.0 Liter V6

A real joy to drive, I love it!

239 words

Stratus SE

Worth it

58 words, 1 comment

Stratus 2.7L engine

Do not buy this car!

100 words, 5 comments

Stratus R/T 3.0

Buy the extended warranty if you purchase this car

143 words

Stratus SE 3.0 Litre V6

Dodge has out done themselves with this one!

110 words

Stratus ES 6 cylinder

A sensational vehicle for its class..

74 words, 3 comments

Stratus R/T 3.0 V6

An affordable show car

41 words

Stratus RT 3.0

Affordable performance coupe

288 words, 9 comments

Stratus R/T 3.0 SOHC V-6

An exceptionally good bargain for the money spent

61 words

Stratus R/T 3.0 V6 200 HP

This car is a blast to drive and own!

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Stratus RT 3.0 SOHC V6

A good car for a good price

82 words, 4 comments

Stratus R/T 3.0 V6

Great value for the money

55 words

Stratus R/T 3.0L V6

Looks, performance, all the extras at a great price

49 words

Stratus SE 3.0L V6

Finally, a satisfying coupe from Michigan for under $22,000!

151 words, 13 comments

Stratus RT 3.0 Liter V6

It is one hell of a sweet ride!

10 words

Stratus R/T 3.0

Great looking and driving mid-size coupe

43 words

Stratus R/T 3.0L

An awesome looking car and very fast

17 words

Stratus R/T 3.0 V6

A sporty look with a lot of attitude

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