2nd Jul 2009, 10:33

Of course the Pontiac will beat a Stratus RT. Its engine has almost 1 more liter displacement and it is equipped with a supercharger...

14th Dec 2009, 01:45

A Stratus coupe "shouldn't be a fast sports sedan as the GTP driver said", as a coupe is a 2 door and not a 4 door, so I guess he is very correct there, and yeah with 40 and maybe more HP and more TQ, of course the GTP will eat up the RT'S well until his LIM and UIM "lower and upper intake manifold " go on that 3800 :)

I must say however, the 3800 I had in my SSE Bonneville was a good motor, and is one of the best V6's that GM has made, and the sound from the exhaust was great!

On the Stratus 3.0, it's a good replacement for the Avenger. As a past owner of a Stratus ES with a 2.5, the 3.0 is nice, but they should have made our coupes a bit lighter, so they would have been quicker, but it still has punch and runs great with the 120,000 I have on my 02 now.

After a few days of driving my "Mk1" MR2 and driving the Stratus right after, it seems like a very very fast car well until I drive it for a few days, then go back to the MR2, then the stratus seems rather slow, but heck of course 70 is going to seem fast in a go cart "MR2"

9th Oct 2010, 12:49

I really doubt the owner of the GTP will have any problems with the intake manifolds. The supercharger will most likely wear out first. Unlike the regular 3800, the supercharged 3800's intakes are made of cast metal (aluminum, I think) and thus don't have the same issue that that the composite material manifolds have.