Stratus R/T 3.0 V6

Great bang for the buck!

176 words

Stratus Coupe 4 cylinder

Great car. I miss it

95 words

Stratus SXT 2.4 4 cylinder

Best car I've owned

278 words

Stratus R/T Coupe 3.0 Liter V6

Sporty reliable 6 cylinder inexpensive coupe

201 words

Stratus Sedan SE 2.4L

Fun to drive, but maintenance intensive

212 words, 2 comments

Stratus SXT Coupe 2.4L


41 words

Stratus SXT Coupe 2.4L 4 cylinder

Good basic transportation

212 words, 2 comments

Stratus ES 2.7L DOHC V6 24 VALVE

They only want your money

234 words

Stratus SXT Coupe 2.4 4 cylinder

An imperfect gem

131 words

Stratus SE 2.7 DOHC

Great buy if you have a warranty, don't buy one without

279 words, 1 comment

Stratus SE 2.7L V6

Fast, practical, spacious, easy maintenance.

239 words, 7 comments

Stratus SXT

Fun and comfortable, but a lemon

220 words, 10 comments

Stratus ES 2.7L V6

A nice change from the mini-van

153 words, 1 comment