Crown Victoria LX 5.0

Best car I ever owned

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Crown Victoria LX 5.0

Ford's finest!

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Crown Victoria Police Interceptor 351windsor 5.8 liters

My Super Machine that has plenty of power

84 words

Crown Victoria 5.0

Eight cylinders, four doors, and two and a half tons of rear wheel drive American power

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Crown Victoria ltd 5.0

I think these cars are great cars, but have this kind of problem quite often

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Crown Victoria Ford 302 (5.0L)inch V8, electronic fuel injection,

Peppy, safe, and comfortable, but mine was unreliable

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Crown Victoria LTD Station Wagon 4.6 liter

I love this car, its very comfortable and powerful

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Crown Victoria LTD 302 5.0

Toughest car ever made by Ford yet

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Crown Victoria LX 5.0

Attractive, high performance car

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Crown Victoria LX 5.0L

A rip roaring grocery getter

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Crown Victoria LTD 5.0L V8

A powerful, reliable cruiser

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Crown Victoria LX Country Squire V8 302

It was a great car, I miss it a lot

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Crown Victoria LTD 5.0 liter V-8 with SEFI

Grandma comfort with teenager performance!

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Crown Victoria LTD LX 5.0 (302 cid) EFI

This car is a real sleeper, a stop light terror!

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Crown Victoria LTD 5.0L {302 CID}

A good, tough, reliable car with lots of power

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