Escape XLS 2.0 4 cylinder Mazda

Pleasantly surprised by this Mazda built Ford

513 words

Escape 2.0 four cylinder

Try to find this model with the 2.0L engine and 5-speed

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We LOVE our car!

162 words

Escape XLS 2.0

Love it!

50 words

Escape XLT 3.0

My wife loves this car; when it dies she will have nothing else but another Escape

94 words

Escape XLT 2.0 Zetec


52 words

Escape XLT 3.0L


10 words

Escape XLT V6 3.0 V6

Good smallish SUV and fun to drive

75 words

Escape XLS 3.0 V6

Imperfect, but practical SUV

798 words

Escape XLT V6

Would HIGHLY recommend this vehicle!

110 words

Escape XLT 3.0 V6

2001 was its first year and I bet many of its shortcomings have been fixed

183 words

Escape XL 3.0L

110,000 miles and smiling

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Escape XLT 3.0

Great SUV if it didn't have the intermittent problems

77 words

Escape XLT 4 cylinder

Would buy another one

48 words

Escape XLT

Overall not a bad little car, but would buy something else for my next one, probably a Honda Pilot

204 words

Escape XLT 3.0

Best SUV for its class

34 words, 8 comments

Escape XLT V6 3 litre

Do not buy this car if you live at high altitudes!

269 words, 1 comment

Escape XLT 3.0L V6 4x4

Very good car overall (100% recommended)

82 words

Escape XLT 2.0L 4 cylinder


76 words

Escape XLT

Overall, a good solid automobile for the money. I would get another one

56 words

Escape XLT V6

Great vehicle for a domestic

137 words, 1 comment

Escape XLT 4x4 3.0 litre gasoline

A fun and functional ride

222 words, 1 comment

Escape XLS 3.6 4X4

A peppy well rounded suv, for your money

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Escape XLT Leather 3.0L V6

Power and Options - Yay! Quality of Parts - Boo!

283 words, 2 comments

Escape LX V6

Fine for a small family or older couple

74 words

Escape 6 cylinder

Great Highway Ride

68 words

Escape XLS 3.0L V6

Makes you wonder why people buy CRV's and RAV4's

253 words, 9 comments

Escape LXT

The Ford Escape is a great buy and a wonderful vehicle

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