Escort LX 1.9L Auto

Reliable car for anyone

222 words

Escort LX hatchback 1.9L 4 cylinder

Good, not great

69 words

Escort LX

A good beginning car

105 words

Escort LX 1.9

Not reliable at all

119 words, 1 comment

Escort LX wagon 1.9L

Unsafe at any speed

348 words, 3 comments

Escort LX 1.9 E.F.I.

A good economical car for a family just starting out

249 words

Escort LX 1.9

Very reliable and would recommend to anyone

70 words

Escort GT 1.8L DOHC

Definitely a true high performance bargain!

717 words, 2 comments

Escort LX 1.9L

A sweet 4 door hatch back ill never give up!!

236 words

Escort LX 1.9L

Great car!!!

135 words

Escort GT 1.9L High Output 4 cylinder ga

A great little car with some spice to it

340 words, 1 comment

Escort GT 1.9

GT Escort looks sharp

19 words