2000 Ford Explorer XLT 4.0L SOHC V6


Solid highway cruiser and offroader. A beast in the snow


Lots of normal, routine issues, one or two major problems.

The normal issues: brakes, tires, fluid changes, shocks, and one accidental broken windshield.

In the first couple of years of ownership, I had to recharge the A/C system every summer, replaced the seals at around 100k, and the A/C system has been ice cold since.

Rear brake lines rusted through around 140k; replaced them myself for little cost.

Rear shock and spring mount rusted through at 149k. Replace myself ($45).

Driver's side rear door interior handle was broken when purchased. Replaced handle and greased actuator, No issues since.

Exhaust issues: Due to rust, have put two mufflers in it.

Rear window wiper catches on the rear glass; doesn't always wipe the window. Not an issue with the motor, just the alignment of the wiper (too lazy to adjust).

Major Issues:

Put a hole in the oil pan, didn't notice till later in the day when the head gasket blew and threw a rod through the block. Replaced the engine with a used one myself (engine blew at 127k, replaced with an engine that had 90k on it; $800 for the engine, ~$200 for new fluids, gaskets, misc. parts). Put a set of headers on it ($500), and a K&N filter (on sale for $20).

Transmission has just recently started going into "Limp Mode" where it locks itself into 2nd to protect itself from damage. Will be replacing with a used trans later this year ($300 to buy another Explorer that had been in an accident, but still has a good trans; total cost ~ $400-$500).

General Comments:

This has been an excellent vehicle for me. I'm from the Northeast, where the roads are heavily treated with chemicals and salt in the winter, so some problems have popped up from rust due to the above. I clean and treat the frame and underside every year or two; it's still in good shape with the exception of one or two spots. The vehicle will need rockers in a year or two (also due to road salt).

I use and abuse this vehicle, lots of off roading, towing/hauling, going where most SUVs don't go. The vehicle has held up very well; it takes the punishment and begs for more.

Issues with powertrain have been unfortunate, but it hasn't been a huge expense as I do all the work myself.

After the engine blew, I added headers, a K&N filter and better plugs and wires, so even with the AWD I get 25 MPG on highway.

Has been a reliable vehicle. I will replace the transmission when it finally goes, and I fully expect this vehicle to roll past 200,000 miles in comfort.

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Review Date: 22nd August, 2014

2000 Ford Explorer XLT 4.0L OHV V6


All around great vehicle that is reliable and looks nice


Bought a new set of tires at 102,000 miles.

New brakes at 107,000 miles.

Had the center console recovered at 125,000 miles.

Nothing else has required any attention.

General Comments:

I bought this Explorer from my cousin, who is a technician at the local Ford dealership. He took great care of it, and I have too. I have had all scheduled maintenance done on time.

Can't beat this vehicle for $4,400. Leather seats, and the interior is in great shape. The outside has minimal dents and dings.

It rides great on long trips.

For a 13 year old SUV, it runs and looks great. These body style Explorers aged very well. They look much better than the new ones in my opinion.

Only complaint - MPG could be better... My previous Explorer was a V8 AWD, and I assumed this V6 2WD would get much better, but it doesn't seem to get but a few MPG more.

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Review Date: 13th November, 2012