F150 Custom Explorer 5.8 gas

Great first truck

179 words, 2 comments

F150 4.9L straight 6

Dependable, and runs like a tractor

28 words

F150 Ranger 4.9L, now a 32V 5.4 liter

Good, solid, reliable, durable, and tough truck

108 words

F150 460

Greatest year of Ford trucks

63 words

F150 Custom 302

It continues to exceed my expectations

311 words, 3 comments

F150 Ranger Lariat 429ci

The single greatest truck I've ever seen

101 words, 3 comments

F150 Custom 351W V8 2BBL

New trucks WISH they had half of what these do..

242 words, 2 comments

F150 Custom 302 on propane

Great truck that's impossible to kill

93 words

F150 4x4 351 modified

One of the best trucks ever made

193 words


A great truck to have, if you need to carry a load

133 words

F150 Ranger 400m

Best 4 wheel drive ever built

71 words, 3 comments

F150 XLT Custom Explorer 5.8 H.O.

Built Ford Tough

85 words


A very solid,dependable truck

140 words, 1 comment

F150 400M

This truck is Bullet proof

60 words, 2 comments

F150 Custom 351M

An everlasting work horse

135 words, 1 comment

F150 5.0 High Output

Loud and loveable

117 words

F150 2.0 - 302

The most fun truck I had

104 words

F150 XLT RWD 5-speed 4.2 V6 SPI

Best handling truck I have ever driven

179 words

F150 Ranger 4x4 300 6cyl

A show truck for someone

25 words