F150 300 I6

Tough, strong truck

116 words

F150 4x4 LWB 300 IL6

It was a true workhorse.

204 words


Amazing truck!!!, I had to fix almost nothing since 1984!, great truck runs like new

67 words

F150 XLT 302 CI

Best truck in the world!

88 words, 2 comments

F150 long bed strait 6

It was a monster that could pull anything and have great gas mileage and would never break down

50 words

F150 LX I6

It is an awesome truck!

49 words, 1 comment

F150 XL 4x4 351 2V

Rusty, but Trusty

144 words

F150 XLT I6

A reliable beast

193 words, 2 comments

F150 XLT Ford 302

Great reliable and fun truck

75 words, 2 comments

F150 XLT 302 (5.0L) V8

A stout machine that never quits

274 words

F150 4x4 302 V8, C6 trans

Dependable and strong

89 words

F150 300

The lap of luxury, circa 1984

120 words

F150 Super Cab 5.8 High Output

We love it almost like a family member

254 words, 2 comments