Festiva LX 1.3

If you can find a nice one, buy it!

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I don't know how I will ever find a car to replace this one!

93 words


Wonderful, fun, cheap

161 words

Festiva L Plus 1.3L

Best Car I have every own

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Festiva L 1.3

The best kept secret

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Festiva LX 1.3L efi

On a scale from 1-10, it's a 7 in every category

65 words


Absolutely Reliable and easy to care for

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Festiva LX 4 cylinder

Queen of the common automobile

260 words

Festiva L 1.3 liter

This car is a good school car!

102 words

Festiva L 1.3

Who needs a Honda?

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Festiva L+

A good car treated badly by it's previous owner

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Festiva L 1.3

Wouldn't mind buying many more!

236 words

Festiva 1.3

I can say nothing bad about a car that kept me safe in a horrible crash

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Festiva L 1.3

A cheap wild ride

89 words

Festiva L + 1.3 fuel injected

This is one fine, little car, and I have never regretted owning it

203 words

Festiva LX 1.3

Very dependable

56 words

Festiva L+ 1.3

The BEST car ever made

146 words, 28 comments

Festiva L 1.3

This car is what every Toyota hopes to grow up to be

46 words

Festiva LX 1.3i

The perfect small car

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Festiva L+ 1.3

30 words

Festiva LX 1.3

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