Festiva GL 1.3

Greatest car ever owned

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Festiva GL 1.3 liter

Economic and practical, but no quiet or comfort

511 words


Best bang for the buck car ever

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Festiva L 1.3L

More cars today should be built like these

387 words

Festiva GL 1.3

Nothing fancy, but something very special

435 words

Festiva LX

This car excels at what it was designed for - providing cheap reliable transportation

559 words

Festiva L 1.2litre

Love it bought for a grand

55 words

Festiva L 1.3 Liter gasoline

I would own them all if I could

111 words

Festiva L 1.3 Liter

It is good cheap transportation

80 words

Festiva L 1.2

Most reliable, economic, inexpensive, easy to drive cars I have EVER owned!

51 words

Festiva L 1.3L Fuel Injected

Most dependable car I've owned!

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Festiva L 1.3

Ford was STUPID to quit making these

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Festiva GL 1.3L FI

Plain cheap bulletproof transportation

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Festiva LX 1.3

Cannot live without it, part of the family!!

79 words, 4 comments

Festiva L 1.3L

The best car I've ever owned!

206 words

Festiva L 1.3

I have two - sentiment speaks for itself

99 words

Festiva L 1.3

Great for A to B driving; otherwise a very basic car

136 words

Festiva GL 1.3?

Great bargain car for around town, no frills

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