Festiva L 1.3 gasoline

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Festiva GL 1.3 liter


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Festiva L 1.3 liter

Best car ever owned, my 1993 Ford Festiva

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Festiva L 1.3 gasoline 4 cylinder

The best car ever!

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Festiva L 1.3L

Best $50 I ever spent!

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Festiva 1.3L

Fun, little, really cheap, reliable

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Festiva I'm guessing LX. 1.3 Liter Mazda Engine

Ford was wrong to stop producing the Festiva

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Festiva 1.3

This car is a must have car

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Festiva L 1.3 liter

The car is very practical transportation and I get 52 mpg by driving conservatively

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Festiva L 1.3

It goes fast, it doesn't waste fuel and it's a fun beast to drive!

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Festiva L 4 cylinder

Ford Festiva equals fun!

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Festiva LE 1.3L

An awsome car for the cheap price!!

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Festiva L

A good, reliable little car.

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Festiva GL 1.3

This is a fine econoy-box with the best that 1980's engineering could offer

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Festiva 1.3

The best car Ford never built. (Because KIA built it)

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Festiva L 4 Cylinder

A great long distance commuting car

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Festiva GL 4 Cylinder

Great power, gas mileage, and interior space for the cheap price!

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Festiva LX 1.3L

A great cheap car

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Festiva L 1.3

The Festiva makes a good second car for a household

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Festiva L 1.2L

Great reliability + performance, but loses in a collision

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Festiva L 1.3

Outstanding value in a small package

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Very reliable, miserly on gas (55mpg), but parts are far too expensive

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Festiva L 1.3 liter four cylinder

Get more bang for your buck (in the small car world)

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Festiva GL 1.3L

Very dependable inexpensive transportation even with lots of miles on them!

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