Fusion SE 2.3L (4-cylinder)

Best car that I have ever owned

198 words

Fusion SEL I4

It has been a great car

210 words

Fusion SEL 2.3L

Most reliable car ever!

225 words

Fusion SE V6

Finally Ford did something right in a car

115 words

Fusion SEL

Wouldn't ever buy another

45 words, 36 comments

Fusion SE 2.3L I4

Roomy, reliable, economical, good handling, comfortable, bad dealer service!

471 words, 3 comments

Fusion SEL 2.3 4 cylinder

Good car, except for the airbags..

108 words, 12 comments

Fusion SEL 3.0 Litre V6

Reliable car except for the transmission, so can't recommend buying one

264 words, 26 comments

Fusion SE not sure

Poor quality of the computer on the 2006 Ford Fusion

90 words, 3 comments

Fusion SE 2.3 litre 4 cylinder

The best in its class

604 words, 20 comments

Fusion SEL 3.0L V6

Maybe other Fusions were made better, but the dealer's and Ford's lack of services is unacceptable

160 words, 5 comments

Fusion SEL V6

The 2006 V6 SEL Fusion isn't bad, but it needs improvements

169 words

Fusion SE V6

Good value

168 words

Fusion 4 cylinder

Not much bang for your buck

215 words, 34 comments

Fusion SE 2.3L I-4

Truly amazing vehicle!

125 words

Fusion SE 3.0

Not that impressed with vehicle considering all the look alike!

52 words, 1 comment

Fusion SEL 3.0L V6

A great compromise between performance and luxury

1045 words, 11 comments

Fusion Milan Premier 2.3

Excellent Car except the arm rest

193 words, 4 comments

Fusion SEL Black on Black 3.0

The Best FWD/AWD Ford Sedan period.!!

138 words, 1 comment

Fusion SE 3.0 V6

Incredible value, great car

147 words, 148 comments

Fusion SE

Spend my money on something of higher quality

80 words, 8 comments

Fusion S 2.3 I4


106 words

Fusion SE 2.3L I-4 Engine

Inexpensive, and practical way to have a mid-size sedan

79 words, 18 comments

Fusion SEL High End 3.0 24 Valve 6-speedauto

A super value- Feels/Drives like a $34,000 car

451 words, 145 comments

Fusion SE 4 cyllinder engine

Looks good, but mine has problems-help

140 words, 34 comments

Fusion SE 3.0 V6

This is not the Euro model!

28 words, 8 comments

Fusion SEL 3.0L V6

I'm not turning this one in at lease-end

54 words, 16 comments

Fusion SEL 3.0L 24 Valve 6 cylinder

Long overdue mid-size entry

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