2011 Ford Fusion 4 cylinder


I could see myself in this car every day, even though I strongly prefer my '05 Taurus


Low tire pressure light came on sporadically.

General Comments:

I rented this model for three weeks about a month ago, so I will do my best to offer input.

The Fusion was not very fast, but it was certainly more than adequate.

The brakes were better than my 2005 Taurus, but they made a lot of noise.

The steering was very tight.

The car had Sirius Satellite Radio in it, which was nice. The controls are straightforward and they lit up nicely. The radio needs to have more adjustability; I couldn't figure out how to adjust the bass and fade after three weeks.

The back seats (I was a passenger and a driver) were very comfortable, but the seat belt needs to be raised higher. The cup holders should be moved out of the armrest and down to the floor, like the Taurus had them.

The front seats were contoured well, but not as well as my Taurus. The fabric on the seat was "loose"... you could grab it in your hand and move it. I am attributing this to abuse and not a lack of build quality. My Taurus's interior is still intact.

The headlights were pretty good.

The gas mileage was okay; 29 highway and 19 city. My 2005 Taurus with the Vulcan gets more like 32 highway and 26 city.

Thank you for reading my survey. I'm sorry I couldn't have been more help. It really wasn't that bad of a car.

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Review Date: 3rd July, 2011

5th Oct 2011, 08:31

Your knowledge is wrong sir. I own a Fusion, and figured out the equalizer within ten minutes of driving it before I bought it. And also there's a reason the cup holders are up higher than on your Taurus, because your Taurus is older. And also you forgot to mention about the cup holders in the front doors.

Also, what engine does the Fusion have? I have a 4 cylinder, and I get 23 city and 30 highway, which is way better then your estimate.

Anyone reading this; this is a wonderful car. Also if you have two kids, they fit well.

2011 Ford Fusion V6


The Ford Fusion Sport is a lot of car for not a lot of money


I have had the car for only a week, so naturally nothing has gone wrong.

General Comments:

I wanted to order another Focus manual transmission, but due to ordering restrictions I could not get what I wanted. I drove the Fusion Sport, and reluctantly decided to go with it, despite the fact that it is automatic. I am well pleased.

The Fusion sport is a superior vehicle. The Sync is improved over the previous system, and offers a myriad of useful services.

The cabin is comfortable, roomy and attractive.

This car is quick and handles well.

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Review Date: 11th January, 2011

17th Jan 2011, 09:44

Hey there,

I have had the chance to drive a Ford Fusion (latest model) with a 3.0 V6 engine (automatic)... Well, all I can say about the car is "it is a great car"! It has the power, the build quality is really good, the interior is really stylish and well put together. The only thing I didn't really like about the car was the ride quality. It was a bit harsh for such a big car, but still acceptable :-)...

All in all, not being used to driving such big cars (I am European, and I was on a business trip to the USA), I found it really fun to be in such a "bus" as I referred to it, and all of my US colleagues laughed about that :-)... It was a really nice experience.

The bad thing is that such a big car is not really applicable for the European conditions (gas price and parking space) :-)...