Gran Torino 5.8L V8 (351M)

Ponderous, but in a good way!

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Gran Torino Squire 351

Great old station wagon!

81 words

Gran Torino Elite 5.8L (351c.i. Windsor)

They don't make them like this any more; dependable that is

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Gran Torino 351 Cleveland

Solid plain tank

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Gran Torino Wagon 400 cubic inch V8

Indestructible old tanks

31 words

Gran Torino Sport 351 c


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Gran Torino 2-door Brougham 351 Cleveland

A solid, reliable dinosaur

126 words, 2 comments


Gran Torino Station Wagon 351 Windsor 4bbl V8

Huge inside and out, strong, and INDESTRUCTIBLE

352 words, 11 comments

Gran Torino Sport Fastback 429 Big Block

A classic collector muscle car, in the making.

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Gran Torino 468

It's awesome!

92 words

Gran Torino 302 2 bbl

It was a decent car which got me where I needed to go, although I needed to fill up often

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Gran Torino Ford 302ci V8

A very good car for someone who can afford to restore it

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