Ranger XLT 2.9L

This one's lasted almost 30 years; treat it right and it'll love you back

134 words

Ranger XLT 4x4 2.9 V6

The most reliable truck for the money ever built

162 words, 1 comment

Ranger XLT 2.3

Excellent truck!!!

169 words

Ranger Base 2.0 liter

Great little truck after I fixed all the problems

257 words

Ranger XLT 2.9

Long live the Ranger

66 words, 1 comment

Ranger S 2.3

This truck is an unquestioned winner

73 words

Ranger XLT 2.9 liter V6


71 words

Ranger S 2.0 litre

Rugged truck in search of a motor

251 words

Ranger stx 2.9L

I hope I have it for another 18 years

124 words

Ranger XLT 2.9

I wouldn't hesitate to buy another

110 words, 1 comment

Ranger stx 2.9

Very reliable and good looking if you take care of it

134 words

Ranger STX 2.9L Fuel Injected

The Danger Ranger keeps on going

119 words

Ranger SLT 2.9 V6

Just plain fabulous

63 words

Ranger STX 2.9

This thing just won't quit

97 words, 1 comment

Ranger XLT 2.9 ltr V 6

A great bog runner

52 words

Ranger STX 2.9L

A good overall 4X4

122 words

Ranger STX 2.9 Liter

Strong reliable light 4x4 (Good first truck!)

155 words

Ranger STX 2.9L fuel injected

Good truck when maintained

171 words, 3 comments

Ranger XLT 2.9 V6

A great truck for the money.

34 words

Ranger XLT 2.3 unleaded

An expensive truck to maintain

103 words

Ranger XLT 2.9

Best bang for your buck!

49 words

Ranger XLT 2.9L

I wish I hadn't ever bought it!

133 words, 5 comments

Ranger LX 2.3 unleaded

Great for the price purchased

171 words

Ranger XLT 2.9L V6

For $5000, an excellent return on the investment of a pickup truck after we moved to the Poconos

101 words

Ranger LTX 2.3

97 words