1994 Ford Taurus Sedan GL 3.0 V6


This car is a tank with NOS


The radio does not work; it shows the stations, and the antenna is hooked up, but no sound, just static.

Takes a little while to shift when accelerating slightly above normal acceleration rate.

Rotors were warped.

Leak in the muffler under the mid section of the car. Small nickle sized hole.

Horn does not work.

General Comments:

Other than the occasional shifting delays, it runs well and is quite comfortable.

Lots of space and good speakers.

Brakes are original; haven't changed them, and still above half for the brake pad width.

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Review Date: 4th March, 2010

7th Mar 2010, 12:09

These early to mid-90's Tauruses ARE tanks. I've got rear-ended in my '92 by a runaway utility truck and it still drove home! (The other driver took off, hit & run), then my '94 Taurus sustained heavy front end damage in a collision and I had to scrap that one as well. In NEITHER case was I hurt in the least bit, and these were serious accidents! The weakest link is definitely the transmissions on these.. expect to replace your tranny somewhere on down the line & put away some money, but it's worth it, that 3-liter engine is bulletproof.

Maintenance is key, I had over 172,000 on my '92 with original tranny, and the thing was a fleet car before I got it, so it was religiously serviced. The '94 had over 220k miles on it! Tranny replaced, but that engine stayed strong. Amazing.

1994 Ford Taurus GL 3.0 V6


I like it, and will drive happily till I can afford a new car


Well after a week of owning it, the radiator went bad.

The speakers short out every now and then, but I found out that that's a common Ford issue.

The electric windows, and locks started acting up.

My cup holder broke... *sob*

The cassette deck... yeah just take that out and put in a stereo with an iPod jack unless you have some good cassettes.. like I do.

General Comments:

Well it handles OK.

Makes a great first car.

Still looks cool compared to other 1990's cars running around in 2010 LOL.

As long as you keep it tuned, expect 20-27 MPG.

Pretty sturdy. Mine was rear ended pretty hard by a 2007 Accord, and although the rear bumper was demolished, no structural damage... that lady still owes me a new bumper.

The interior is very comfortable, if not luxury quality.

It makes a great around town 5 seater, but highway road trip 4 seater... but never torture people by using the vehicle's capacity of 6.

Very aerodynamic, and is not terrifying to drive on really windy days, it just slips on down the road.

You can find these at really low prices like 300 bucks!!!... It is worth sacrificing that new PS3 for something you actually need.

I'm 16, and I love this thing LOL.

Riding in the back seat, you'll fall asleep so fast. Ooh it feels like my Grandmother's Lincoln Town Car.

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Review Date: 8th January, 2010

3rd Jun 2010, 10:06

* update *

I'm actually getting a another 2nd Gen Taurus as a gift... it's freaky ironic.

4th Jun 2010, 15:19

The older Tauruses are some of the best cars on the road, and if cared for are easily good for 200,000+ miles. A relative recently sold her 2nd gen Taurus after 196,000 very trouble free miles. Congrats on the gift and Happy Driving!!

1994 Ford Taurus GL 3.8 V6


Oldie but goody


Wheel bearing replaced in September.

Serpentine belt replaced in October.

Muffler replaced in December.

General Comments:

This car could have been a great car. It's a solid, generic drive, which is great for most people. It gets reasonable fuel economy for an old car with a good-sized engine (about 22mpg mixed). It's comfortable and quiet and rides decently.

It COULD have been fantastic if I weren't always worried about what was going to break next on it.

Overall, a decent enough car for being the same age as a brontosaurus.

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Review Date: 22nd December, 2008