1994 Ford Taurus GL 3.8L V6


I love my Taurus, and will have it for years


I have yet to have any problems with this car. Keep in mind I have only had it a week LOL. However the previous owner did replace the radiator for one reason or another.

General Comments:

This car is nice for its age. I got a great deal on a 1 owner with lower mileage model. It runs like a new car, and the previous owner kept it in the best condition possible.

The 3.8L V6 is powerful enough to satisfy my need to get places quickly, yet is decent on MPG as well.

The interior is A+, with comfort most cars lack. Soft and cushy seats with plenty of room.

Great braking system and good steering for a front wheel drive.

This car is a great starter, and with 105,000 miles, I expect it to run well over 300k before I have any major problems, if I have any at all.

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Review Date: 28th September, 2012

28th Sep 2012, 09:36

"with comfort most cars lack"

Believe it or not, there are millions of cars on the road that are very comfortable. In fact other than a original Ford Bronco (the small Jeep-like ones), a couple of Jeep Wranglers, and a few old VW's (original Bugs), I would say virtually every car my family had ever owned was very comfortable (oh, I forgot my dad's 1974 Datsun pick-up truck).

The fact is even small cars have gotten very comfortable, as have most modern SUVs.

So in my opinion, I wouldn't assume that "most cars" lack comfort - I think there are more comfortable cars out there than ones that aren't. Of course I guess that it depends on your definition of comfort.

As far as getting 300,000 miles out of your Taurus - I can give you this advice - maintenance, maintenance, & more maintenance. The key to automobile longevity is proper maintenance and of course do not abuse your car and/or drive it like a "stunt driver". Take care of it, and it should give you years of reliable service.

Keep us posted. Thanks.

5th Dec 2014, 17:34

The only really important thing on the Taurus is to check the transmission fluid like once a week; it will start leaking, sooner or later. Usually it's minor and adding a quart of transmission fluid every month or two will keep the car on the road indefinitely, but most owners neglect it entirely and blow the transmission. My 88 Sable just died at just over 300K miles and wiring issues abundant! LOL.

1994 Ford Taurus SHO 3.0 HO


Great car for whatever you throw at it


Some minor electric problems occurred, and some suspension work was needed.

Motor mount was also bad.

General Comments:

I was extremely pleased with the SHO; it was very smooth on expressway speeds, and responsive around town driving.

The clutch was fairly heavy compared to other cars, but I didn't mind it.

The disc brakes were responsive and stopped the car well.

The seats and driving position were spot on.

The ride was stiff.

The HVAC system was excellent.

The room inside was typical Taurus, meaning excellent.

The audio system was good.

The steering was good for a FF car.

The reliability was excellent; it gets from where you want or need to go.

The fuel economy was decent.

Servicing the car yourself can be a challenge, but most stuff you can do on your own. Oil changes, filters etc.; most of everything was within easy reach.

The Yamaha SHO V6 was very responsive and doesn't lack any power; usually can go up to 300k miles with your normal maintenance and fluid changes.

No warning lights occurred; the car didn't run hot at all.

I was very satisfied!

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Review Date: 15th July, 2012

16th Jul 2012, 08:58

Apparently not satisfied enough to drive it any longer than 5000 miles?

10th Aug 2012, 15:47

I wheel and deal cars, this was one of them. I moved on that's all, it was a really superb car.