Taurus SES 3.0 V6

Most reliable, yet not so appealing sedan

93 words


My Taurus is my first and last Ford

67 words, 6 comments

Taurus LX 3.0L Vulcan 12V

I love this car

316 words, 2 comments

Taurus SES V6

You get what you pay for

267 words, 1 comment

Taurus SES 3.0 Vulcan

Some are good, and this one isn't

252 words, 1 comment

Taurus SES 3.0 Vulcan

Very good car

104 words, 8 comments

Taurus SES 3.0 liter 12v

No power / no reliability / bad mpg

251 words, 6 comments

Taurus SES 3.0 Duratec

Boring but dependable vehicle

148 words

Taurus SES

Great Car!

79 words

Taurus SES 24v 3.0 V6

The after market industry has never realized the Ford Taurus exists, but it's a good car for the $

544 words

Taurus SES 4 Door Sedan DOHC 24V

The best car purchase that I have ever made in my life!

2142 words, 32 comments

Taurus SES 4D SDN 24v DOHC

A dependable, high quality family car to be purchased again

53 words

Taurus SES 3.0

Steer Clear of Ford Taurus

182 words, 3 comments

Taurus SES 3.0L

Alright for basic transportation, but not a great car

200 words, 1 comment

Taurus SE V6 3L DOHC


84 words

Taurus LX V6

Not value for money

106 words

Taurus SES 3.0L 24v DOHC

Quick, stylish family sedan that never lets me down

140 words

Taurus LS 3.0

Very roomy, lots of power, very reliable, with Ford quality..

59 words


Built like a beast and very spacious!

174 words

Taurus SE 3.0

Costly to maintain, only buy one if you LOVE Tauruses

245 words

Taurus SEL 3.0 Duratec V6

Poor build quality

116 words, 4 comments

Taurus SES 3.0 Vulcan

Cheap, but very unreliable

167 words, 1 comment

Taurus SE 3.0 base

Taurus Impressed me. Quality Car

547 words

Taurus SES 3.0 V6

Fast and roomy

44 words

Taurus SE 3.0 Vulcan

Will never buy a Ford

119 words, 11 comments

Taurus SE 3.0L Vulcan V6

The car is bland, boring, soccer mom type fare

155 words

Taurus SES 3.0L

Trouble-free ride with no major issues

81 words

Taurus SE 3.0

Taurus was Great for us. Cheap Cost

506 words, 8 comments

Taurus SE Wagon 3.0 DOHC

Provides above average utility and value

108 words, 1 comment

Taurus SE 3 liter

Excellent car at a reasonable price

90 words

Taurus S.E.S. 3.0 Flex Fuel

The tortoise doesn't suck!!!

123 words, 1 comment

Taurus LX 3.0 V6

Powerful family friendly car - child safety is excellent

273 words, 1 comment

Taurus SE 3.0 Vulcan FFV

Good Cars. Worth cheap cost at new

684 words, 4 comments

Taurus SES 3.0 Vulcan

I recommend buying a Taurus because they offer everything you could want at a reasonable price

95 words

Taurus SES 24 valve V6

What a great car!

259 words, 5 comments

Taurus SE Sedan 3.0 FFV Vulcan V6

Purchase an import until Ford learns how to build good quality front wheel drive vehicles

202 words, 20 comments

Taurus SE 3.0 Regular

Super Value and never broke down yet

910 words, 7 comments

Taurus LX 3.0 Liter V6

Reliable, but iffy

81 words

Taurus SES

Practical, efficient and affordable

127 words, 1 comment

Taurus ses 6 Cylinder

Reliable roomy transportation

68 words

Taurus S.E.L. Duratec 3.0L Duratec (24-Valve)

Lots of Car for the Money

50 words, 1 comment

Taurus SE Sedan 3.0 Vulcan FFV

A poor quality vehicle

215 words

Taurus SE 3.0

Lots of room, questionable reliability

190 words, 1 comment

Taurus SE 3.0 Duratec

Great value and comfort in a reasonably priced car

116 words

Taurus SES V6

A waste of money

123 words, 7 comments

Taurus SE 3.0

Good bang for the buck value

147 words

Taurus SE 3.0L gas

So far so good... but a rocky start

68 words

Taurus SES 3.0 12 Valve Pushrod

The car was great at first, but now I dislike it

191 words, 7 comments

Taurus SEL Premium V6 24 Valve Dual Over Head Cam

Great Car!

161 words

Taurus SE

I would rather push a Honda

400 words, 6 comments