8th Jan 2012, 00:47

Odometer is at 214000 now, and all continues to be well with this Taurus. The occasional service item has needed replacing, otherwise routine maintenance only.

20th Oct 2012, 17:28

Thank you for the updates, it's nice to know how the car performs over time.

24th Oct 2012, 17:52

I am 30 miles shy of 226,000 miles now, and it just keeps on going. I only wish I could start back at zero!

25th Oct 2012, 18:55

The Taurus is a very underrated car, and very good value for the money if you ask me. My parents drive a 2005, and after putting 180k on it, you would still think you are driving a brand new car, everything works fine, no noises or rattles, drives great on the highway, gets good gas mileage, and has always been reliable.

Only maintenance it has needed is 1 new battery, brake pads, oil changes, and tires.

I also really like the rear passenger seating; lots of legroom compared to most cars these days.

29th Dec 2012, 20:27

Thank you for the comments. I sold this Taurus with 227,000 miles, still running great, and easily passing California enhanced smog test, and replaced it with a lower mileage 2005 Taurus SEL. Here's hoping that I get the same good service from this one, and I will review it over time. Cheers...

22nd May 2014, 22:56

My wife and I own a 2001 Taurus wagon, and quite honestly it is the best car I have ever owned. I am pushing 60 years old, and a former 'Chevy" guy, and you can imagine how many cars I have owned.

Chevy could not make a good V6 to save their lives around the year 2000 (except for the 3800), so I bought Ford.

Replacing only service items, she has been one amazing, comfortable, and fuel efficient ride. Right now she has 366,000 kilometers on the Vulcan engine, and you still can't hear it run. I do take care of the car, changing the oil religiously. When the dipstick says "add", I never do. I just change it. Usually around 3500 kilometers. My plan may not work, but I plan to drive it forever. The Taurus is just that good a car, for me, on all levels.