Tempo GL 2.3 liter EFI

On a scale of 1 to 10, a solid 6

161 words

Tempo LX 2.3L

Great if in good shape

98 words

Tempo GL 2.3

Powerful for the size, but be prepared for work if you want it to be unstoppable

138 words

Tempo GL 2.3L

Not fancy, just reliable

163 words

Tempo GL 2.3

The car is a well built car that is reliable

63 words

Tempo GL 2.3 HSC

An amazing car that I love: Would buy again anytime!

87 words

Tempo L 2.3 Gasoline

Good on gas, but make up for it in repairs

38 words

Tempo GL 1.9 liter engine

I really like this car. I love the Tempo. This is the 3rd one that I have owned. It is a good car.

135 words, 2 comments

Tempo GL 2.3

A Basic Car, but keeps GOING and GOING and GOING and..

145 words, 1 comment

Tempo L 2.3 Litre

A Tempo uncared for would be a bad investment, find a good one and you are OK

127 words

Tempo GL 2.3L

Avoid this car like the plague!

179 words, 1 comment

Tempo L 2.3 Gasoline

Awesome deal. Great reliability and performance

233 words

Tempo LX 2.3

Recommend this car to anybody

113 words

Tempo Not sure 2.4

Not bad for the price

91 words, 1 comment

Tempo V4

Crap it was Crap CRAP!

19 words, 4 comments

Tempo LX 2.4

Don't buy a tempo! a n owners nightmare

91 words, 2 comments

Tempo L 2.3

Tempo = University of repairing

309 words

Tempo All Wheel Drive 2.3L HSO

106 words

Tempo GL 4-c

An expensive mistake

54 words

Tempo L 4 cylinder

Fix or repair daily

163 words, 5 comments

Tempo L 2.3

A great first car

103 words

Tempo GL

Good on gas, but make up for it in repairs

187 words

Tempo GL 2.5

It feels cheap and not fast enough, it also needs better suspension

80 words, 2 comments

Tempo L 2.3L

To quote eloquent Canadian singer/songwriter Neil Young,

289 words

Tempo L 2.3L

Great wheels for a great deal!

166 words

Tempo L 2.3

Excellent low priced work horse

117 words

Tempo GL 2.3 HSC

Better than everybody else tells ya

126 words

Tempo GL not sure

Cheap, dependable transportation!

43 words

Tempo GL 2.3

My opinion is, it's a great car

35 words

Tempo GL 2.3L Fuel Injection

The greatest car ever built

129 words

Tempo GL

What do you expect, its a Ford

57 words

Tempo GL 1.7

Not dependable, and it's costly!

92 words, 1 comment

Tempo GL 1.3 L HSC 4Cl X

Cheap, but not so cheap

62 words

Tempo 4 cylinder

A great car but has too many problems

48 words, 1 comment

Tempo GL 2.3 four cylinder

Nothing but a hassle

97 words, 2 comments

Tempo GL 4 cylinder

This car will run 300,000 miles. No problem

86 words, 3 comments

Tempo GL

A disaster waiting to happen

70 words, 1 comment