1990 Ford Tempo V4 from North America


Crap it was Crap CRAP!


The Transmisson Died 3 TIMES!

General Comments:

It Was A hunk of junk my Dad hated it! So he got Dodge.

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Review Date: 27th August, 2003

19th Feb 2004, 03:33

Well, if the tranny went out 3 times, obviously whomever didn't take very good care of the car.. I have a Tempo myself and I haven't had one problem with it. Getting a Dodge isn't exactly going to save any money though. They tend to literally fall apart and are assembled cheap.

6th Sep 2004, 02:08

And there is no such thing as a V4!!!

20th May 2005, 22:12

Actually, there is such a thing as a V4. Ford used to make V4 engines back in the 1960s for the Ford Taunus (yes, Taunus, not Taurus) and the Saab 96 (after 1967).

21st May 2011, 13:33

Since I'm seeing a "1990 Tempo" comment heading, I agree that the Ford V4 (German-made in the old Ford Capri that was imported to the Colonies for a while, Saab 96 and elsewhere) was never a Tempo engine. Somebody's got their stat's wrong.

1990 Ford Tempo LX 2.4 from North America


Don't buy a tempo! a n owners nightmare


The car was a nightmare. It refused to drive in the winters.

The alternator had to be replaced.

The electrical system was a nightmare

The radiator blew twice

The engine died at least 5 time a week.

General Comments:

This car is a nightmare, I purchased it for 450 Canadian dollars. I would never recommend this car. It was too unreliable. The electrical system was horrible. In the winter, the transmission was as slow as a turtle with no legs. The engine was loud, the exhaust fell off. The interior was poorly designed.

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Review Date: 4th August, 2003

2nd Feb 2004, 12:52

Sure it is a piece of junk...$450cnd only buys 4 good tires!

Imagine how good it might be if you spent$1000.

19th Feb 2004, 03:36

It was probably such a piece of junk because you got it cheap and whomever owned it before you must have not taken care of it. Of course the interior isn't going to be that of a Corvette, but look at the year it was made... I mean sheesh, I'm not complaining, mine is fully loaded and is very much luxury like.

1990 Ford Tempo L 2.3 from North America


Tempo = University of repairing


Changed the two rear break lines. It is not funny when you find that you have no more break!

The alternator two times.

The radiator ($25 for an used one).

Two tide roden.

Two ball-joint.

I re-usinated my starter, but still don't give me the power to start up in Cold Quebec's winter at -30 Celsius. My country is not a country it's winter!

The gas pedal is hard to push at low rpm.

The motor is like an earthquake at 800 rpm. Maybe my gas wire is too slack. I must push the pedal gas at stop to prevent over-vibration an attain 1000 rpm at least.

The door are very hard to open even from inside. Need lubrication.

My transmission fluid line is leaking due to a bad between tubing.

Motor stall at winter and the battery is dead.

The red check engine soon light on dashboard is frequently on.

Now even if I changed battery and alternator, the charging circuit still don't give the power to recharge battery. Maybe it's the coil or starter's relay... will see it tomorrow.

General Comments:

It is my first car. The only advantage I see in tempo is that before owning a car, I knew nothing in car and the tempo give me many opportunities too learn myself how work ant how to repair a car because dawn at every 2-3 month something happens!

I find that elements in the hood are too much compacted and it's hard to attain part to repair it if you don't have a pit or a lift.

The advantage is that used piece are very cheap and not hard to find. You can have many used pieces for just $25-35: alternator, radiator, cap distributor.

Nonetheless, my tempo give me many adventures, but I don't recommend it to someones who don't know a good mecano in his family.

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Review Date: 28th July, 2003