Thunderbird Base 3.8 V6

Reliable, comfortable, cheap fun with a little TLC

938 words

Thunderbird Sport 5.0

One of the best handling cars of all time

62 words

Thunderbird Sport 5.0 HO

A man's car

23 words

Thunderbird Base 3.8L

Great car, hates salt. 3.8L eats HG's

196 words

Thunderbird Sport 5.0 HO

Good looking, Smooth riding Sport Coupe!

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Not good at all

126 words, 1 comment

Thunderbird N/A 3.8L V6

If well taken care off, it's a dream car

102 words

Thunderbird LX V8 5.0L H.O

Nice looking goes fast

126 words

Thunderbird SC 3.8 Supercharged

A muscle-luxury-sporty-catchy-affordable machine

186 words

Thunderbird 5.0 V8

A serious waste of $ and space on earth

208 words, 6 comments

Thunderbird Supercoupe Supercharged 3.8L V6

This is THE time to buy one of these--inexpensive, but excellent performer!

96 words, 3 comments

Thunderbird 3.8 V6

49 words

Thunderbird Sport 5.0 HO

I can't wait till I'm 16! I love the 5.0 V-8. Beats the 4.6 that they put in todays V-8

70 words, 50 comments

Thunderbird LX 3.8L V6

36 words, 3 comments

Thunderbird Base 5.0 HO V8

Good all round car for performance and economy

72 words

Thunderbird LX 5.0

66 words