24th Sep 2013, 05:36

There is no 1991 Sport; it is a (SC) Super Coupe...

1992 is the only year Ford made the Sport model.

There were only 1% of 39,000 of the 1992 Tbird Sport models = ~390. This is a very rare find. People confuse SC for Sport coupe. SC means Super Coupe, not Sport. The 92 Sport can get 25k to 30k with matching VINs without ghetto mods. Must be as rolled off the line for max value.

25th Sep 2013, 17:32

Considering that a recent example on eBay with only 66K miles (and no "ghetto mods") could not even attract a $2750 opening bid (with a buy it now price of $3350), anyone who thinks they are going to get 25K to 30K for one is living in dreamland.

27th Sep 2013, 14:41

I can assure you the 91 Sport Thunderbirds were made. I have a 1991 Thunderbird Sport with the 5.0 HO, Red stripe, sport cluster speedo as well as the driver's side tail light has a "Sport" badge placed on it. It only has 70,000 miles. I can gladly send you photo proof if you wish...

23rd Oct 2013, 00:44

I just bought a 91 Sport. It is a great car, white with red stripe, blue cloth interior, Sport gauge cluster, 5.0 HO, 15 inch factory mags. This car is in excellent original condition with 66,000 miles on it.

I have emailed Ford about the car, but have not heard back from them yet. A pretty rare car I think. Has a spring code of JJEE; does anyone know how that differs from the code JJJJ?

8th Apr 2014, 21:31

I own a '91 Sport and will be selling soon. Where is the best source for determining value?

White in color, 98k miles. No dents, interior is exceptional. Always garaged.

Hcheetwood at aol.com

Thanks for any help!

26th Mar 2015, 01:04

I own a 1991 Thunderbird Sport V8. I love the car! It is fast and a smooth drive.

I am glad I found this website because I have had a lot of questions on it, and many were answered. It has 83k miles with dings and dents on the exterior, but it still looks good. I am the 2nd owner of it, and it was sitting in a garage for 8-10 years.

My mechanic has been fixing the parts that mess up as it goes; right now the overdrive doesn't work, but haven't gotten around to fixing it. The headlights didn't work for a while; they would flicker whenever I turned it on, but went to the junk yard and got a new knob (with its mechanical parts) and replaced it; it worked.

27th Apr 2015, 07:02

I am sorry to contradict you, but I have a 91 Sport V-8 T-bird. I have ran the VIN at the auto parts store, O'Reillys and Autozone over the years, and their computer shows up as a 91 Sport. I can provide it if you would like to call Ford; they have also told me the VIN shows as a Sport model.