5th Jul 2001, 08:55

There IS a 91 Sport. I have one with 94,000 miles. I also did the research, and dug up documentation proving that the Sport exists. I had to get the Ford brochure from Canada on that model, and it lists SC, LX and Sport.

What some people don't know is that the V8 was optional in the Sport. You could get a V6 Sport. Even the "Sport" badge on the trunk lid was optional. Some people really own Sport models when they think they just have base models.

Easy way to identify a Sport model is the presence of premium cloth interior, rear defrost, and a stripe on the side trim.

There were less than 500 V8 Sports made in 91, and only a few thousand V8 Sports in 92. There were several more V6 Sports.

Also, on the 5.0 Vs 4.6 argument, yes some 4.6's will tear apart a 5.0. For example the 4.6 DOHC found in Mustang Cobras, Lincoln Mark VIII's and Lincoln Continentals has 280+ HP, and will beat almost any stock 5.0. The 4.6 SOHC found in Mustangs, Tbirds and other cars can be slower than the good old 5.0. BUT, the newer 4.6 SOHC motors are undoubtedly faster. Look at the 99+ GT Mustang with 260HP.

Anyone looking for info on the 91-92 Sport can visit the Thunderbird and Cougar Club at www.tccoa.com and post a question, and we can answer it!

28th Jul 2001, 11:26

Yes, there IS a 1991 Sport.

Mine has 95,500 miles and is a pleasure to drive!

25th Aug 2001, 16:21

So there isn't any performance or horsepower difference between my Sport and a LX? All I got with the Sport package is the plusher inside and the big pink pin stripe that I ripped off the day I bought it. Isn't there more than that! Oh well, still love my 92' Sport bird.

31st Oct 2002, 12:04

I love my 1992 Ford Thunderbird sport. It is fast and gets pretty good miles to the gallon. At first I really did not know that mine was a sport until I really started reading the book on it. The dealer did not say anything about it. Then I drove my friends LX and there is a definite difference in the horsepower and speed of these two models. There is a mjor difference in these two cars. I have a 1981 Z28 Camaro and the thunderbird will take it in a race where the LX got beat. So there is a difference.

23rd Nov 2002, 10:59

I Have a 1991 V6 3.8 fuel injected thunder bird, but I can't find out how much horsepower my car has. It has no other model name on it such as the SC, LX, or Sport. I was wondering if you could help me out.

3rd Feb 2003, 23:03

3.8 V6 Thunderbird (Non Supercharged) was 140 HP in 91. Supercharged models were 210 HP.

24th Jun 2004, 15:33

I got literature stating that 5.0 HO was standard on the Sport, but at the same time I got stuff that says you can order a V-8 in base T-Bird and Sport for $1,080. I guess that means there were v-6 Sports. I'm not so sure about the '91 Sport though. I have seen 91s with sport badges and V-8s, but anyone can glue the badge on their LX. My 92 model year LX was actually made in November 91, could that be the case with 91 Sports. Plus real Sports came with "handling suspension", I guess that means stiffer springs or bigger sway bars. I got JJJJ for spring code on the door of my Sport, what do you have? Seventh digit in the vin is the body type: 0=base coupe, 2=LX, and 4=Super Coupe. Look at your vin. I also heard that the Sports were only 1% of T-birds made in 92, since there were 77,789 'birds made that year, it would only be 777 of them made, sounds far fetched. Can anyone confirm or deny that?

30th Sep 2004, 11:36

I had a 91 Sport. I bought it in the summer of 1991 and was told it was a 91 and a half. It had a the V8 and the sport plate on the trunk. It also had the pinstripe, red, I had the titianium frost color. That car was beautiful and very fast. I wish I still had it, considering all of what I am hearing now about how many were made. Mine was definitely a Sport model, I have the window sticker to prove it. This just sucks that I don't have it anymore, I sold it 6 years ago and bought a Durango.

20th Oct 2004, 06:41

There is NO such thing as a 1991 Ford Thunderbird Sport-even though dealerships may have added the badges and striping before delivering the car to the customer-something that was very easy for the Dealer to do. There is no option listed for the Sport Preferred Equipment Package in 1991 like the one listed for the 1992 Sport.

Here are the listed options for the 1992 Sport:





That came directly from my sources at Ford Motor Company.

Tony Poole

Cedar Valley Thunderbirds.

18th Jan 2005, 11:54

I bought a Thunderbiird Sport June of 91. It was red with a black pinstripe, 5.0l v8 and a sport badge on the rear. Still have the window sticker.

11th Mar 2005, 14:34

The 1991 ford thunderbird sport was released half way thru the selling season so it is considered a 1991 1/2, that is what ford has told me, and when I buy parts for my car I do need to ask for 1991 parts,5.0 H O.

21st Mar 2005, 00:36

I own a 1991 thunderbird sport. I bought the car in '95 with 50,000 miles. It now has 150,000 + miles (odometer failed). The 5.0 HO V-8 still runs strong. It's silver with the red stripe. The interior is black and titanium and it has a moonroof. It came factory with 65 series tires and 3.08 gears (not limited slip though). I didn't know they were that rare. I may decide to keep it.

2nd May 2005, 17:50

I have a '92 Thunderbird V6 LX. It's not the supercharged engine. I was wondering how much horsepower is in this car?

21st Jun 2005, 11:09

Can anyone tell me if they know of anyone selling a sport t-bird from 91? I had one and sold it about 7 years ago. It was my baby and I loved it, but I was stupid and sold it when I bought my new car. I wish I still had it and wanted to buy another one. I was looking to get one pretty cheap if that is possible. I know when I sold mine there were about 73,000 miles on it, but the speed odometer had broken. It was stuck at 30 miles an hour. Please contact me at themetsarenumberone@hotmail.com. I hope I can find another car like I had. Thanks.

6th Sep 2005, 23:36

Hello. I am the original creator of this Opinion Page. Just wanted to say I still have the car. It now has about 275,000 Kms. The car was given to me to by my father. I am 19 now and my love for the car has done nothing, but grow. I within the last month had to replace the front floor boards and both rocker panels. I still to this day have not seen another 91 sport. I've seen a couple 92s, but no 91 yet. Thanks.