Metro Base 1.0 3 cylinder

An amazing little car, and great value for the money

376 words, 2 comments

Metro 4-Door 1.0 Liter 3 cylinder

Nice and simple

101 words

Metro LSI Convertible 1.0L 3 cylinder

Love the Metro

128 words

Metro Lsi 1.0 3 cylinder

Fantastic car!!!

88 words

Metro LSI 1.0 3 cylinder

Fun, economical and unique back road cruiser

275 words, 1 comment

Metro Lsi Convertible 1 Liter, 3 Cylinder

Good car

25 words

Metro 1.0

These are great little cars

109 words, 2 comments

Metro 1.0L

A great economical car, nothing fancy except getting from point A to point B

19 words

Metro LSI 1.0

Very comfortable and dependable

416 words, 2 comments

Metro LSI 1L

Economical masterpiece

314 words, 2 comments

Metro LSI 1.0

This is the best car I have ever owned for reliability and economy

74 words

Metro LSI Convertible 1.0 3 cylinder.

Best purchase that I have ever made!

178 words, 1 comment

Metro LSi 1.0

The best little car EVER!

85 words

Metro LSi 1.0L

Reliable, comfy, and an all-around great little car

142 words, 2 comments

Metro 2dr hatchback 1.0 3 cylinder

All time best auto bargain

62 words

Metro LSI convertible 3 cyc

I love this little car

106 words, 2 comments

Metro lsi conv 1.

May I say go-cart

84 words

Metro 1L

The Metro is the most sensible car ever released

86 words

Metro 2dr hatchback gas

One of the best vehicles I have ever owned

68 words, 4 comments

Metro LSi 1.3L 3 cylinder

Cool Car

10 words, 1 comment

Metro LSI Convertible 3 cylinder

Very reliable! With outstanding mpg

187 words, 27 comments


The best car in the family!

86 words

Metro LSi 3 cylinder


76 words, 1 comment

Metro 2 door hatch back 1.0 3 cylinder.

Great go getter , student, or delivery car

98 words, 1 comment

Metro LSi 1.0L 3 cylinder

You will never need to look for another big parking space again

203 words, 2 comments

Metro lLsi 1.0L

One step above a roller skate

25 words

Metro Xfi 1.0

An efficient, reliable, and fun commuting vehicle

181 words

Metro LSi 1.0

Pure economical fun

102 words

Metro LSI Convertible 1.3 liter

Dependable, cheap, great on gas, and my all time favorite car

72 words

Metro LSI Convertible 1.0

Great fun in the sun

170 words

Metro Convertible 1.0

The most fun you can have in a 3 cylinder commuter car

164 words

Metro LSi 1.0

Most reliable car that I've had

221 words

Metro 1.0

We should all be driving

67 words

Metro Coupe 1.0L 3-Cylinder

The biggest rip off since Milli Vanilli

106 words, 7 comments

Metro LSi 3 cylinder

It is sporty and also economical

26 words

Metro LSi 1.0L 3 cylinder

A very cheap fun car

95 words

Metro LSi 1.0

Purpose built, and right on target

75 words

Metro LSi

Great economy car!! Will definitely buy another one in three-four more years!!!

21 words

Metro LSi 1.0

Best car ever made, I love it!

99 words


Junk toy car. No power

95 words, 6 comments

Metro Convertible 1.0

Great and long lasting....

71 words, 3 comments

Metro LSI Convertible 1.0

An inexpensive, very reliable, very fun little car

23 words

Metro LSi 1.0

135 words

Metro 1.0

103 words