1991 Geo Metro LSI Convertible from North America - Comments

14th Aug 2010, 14:34

I love my little Geo!! Recently my signal lights went out... I bought a new flasher unit, but now I can't figure out where the unit is. Looked under the dash.. under the hood... but can't see where it is... Can anyone help me out?? Thanks..

21st Aug 2010, 19:46

I have a 1992 Geo Metro Convertible and am in need of the rubber seals between the top of the windows and the soft top. I would appreciate any information where I can purchase these. My e-mail: johnschaefer@cableone.net

Thank you.

9th Jun 2011, 21:08

If your Geo is a 90 to 91 and is an automatic, you will never get 40 mpg, it simply won't happen, because the automatic has only 3 gears, unlike the straight drive with 5 forward gears that can sometimes get 46 to 50. If you want the mpg, you'll have to change over to a straight drive like I'm about to.

22nd Jan 2012, 17:59

The guy lied to you, or he never drove over 35mph. You'll never get 40 MPG with an automatic that only has 3 gears. Now with straight drive, 5 speed, you can get 46 to 52, depending on how you drive, and how many miles the engine has on it. I just put in a rebuilt engine and changed over from auto to 5 speed. As long as I don't drive over 55, I'm averaging 51 MPG. But it was a nightmare changing. It's easier just to buy a 5 speed, but when I bought mine, I didn't know the MPG was so bad with the auto.

4th Feb 2012, 07:00

Did you ever find the seals? If so, where?

26th Apr 2013, 09:48

The pull tab is to allow you to shift out of park when you have no battery power.

1st Jan 2014, 23:03

Hello sir. I have a Metro myself, and one thing that really boosted my MPG was an air filter and fuel treatments like cleaners, restorers, and octane supplements. Best of luck to you.

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