Metro Base Model 1.0 3 cylinder

Great little car! Does everything I expected

344 words, 1 comment

Metro 3 cylinder

Awesome little car, passes every gas station in sight

334 words

Metro 3 cylinder, 1.0L

Great gas mileage, easy to maneuver, reliable if cared for

276 words


Great great great!!!

95 words

Metro Base 1.0L inline three

Watch out hybrids, the Metro is still a better deal for $2k

282 words, 8 comments

Metro LSI 1.3L 4 cylinder

Economical and reliable, but expensive to repair when something does happen

203 words, 2 comments

Metro LSi 1.3

An excellent car

413 words, 6 comments

Metro Base 1.0 3 cylinder

Economical until you have to buy parts for it

302 words, 6 comments

Metro LSi 1.3

139 words

Metro 1.0 3 cylinder

Great reliability and excellent economy!

179 words

Metro 1 litre 3 cylinder

A fun little car that is also cute looking

136 words

Metro LSi

Very dependable car with great mileage!

144 words

Metro LSi 4 cylinder

A get what you pay for kind of car

62 words

Metro LSi 1.3 aem sprchrgd

A great car at any experience level (not too hard to work on and you can't beat the initial cost!

700 words, 2 comments

Metro LSi 1.3 liter

A hot wheels car you can drive!

82 words, 1 comment

Metro 1.0L 3 cylinder

Overall, a great little car!

95 words

Metro 1.0L, 3 Cylinder

Wonderful for everyday driving

68 words

Metro LSi 1.3

My Cherry Bomb Rocks!!!

328 words, 2 comments


A comfortable car to drive around

43 words


A reliable, efficient good car that I would purchase again.

51 words

Metro LSi 1.3

A fun car, but not a serious one

80 words

Metro LSi 1.3

A very good value used car

248 words

Metro LXI

A price bargain

68 words, 1 comment

Metro LSi 1.3

Rod bearing costs more than the car

96 words, 1 comment

Metro LSi

Cute and unique, with a good price

226 words, 4 comments

Metro LSi 1.3L

A fun-to-drive, reliable commuter car

440 words, 12 comments

Metro LSi 1.3 four cylinder

The car has proven to be quite solid and a good value

316 words, 2 comments

Metro 1.0

Excluding the A.C. it is a great car

380 words, 4 comments

Metro LSi 1.3

Good Cars last forever-

128 words

Metro LSi Inline V3 1.0 Liter

Cheap Hippie Mobile that has no Power

226 words, 2 comments

Metro LSi

Good for about 100k miles

82 words, 4 comments

Metro LSI 3 door 1.3L

A cool, but funny looking car

126 words

Metro LXi Sedan 1.3 liter

An inexpensive well handling car

71 words, 1 comment

Metro LSi 4 cylinder

One mark above public transportation

198 words, 1 comment

Metro LSI Coupe 1.3

Tough little car, built to last.. if taken care of..

28 words

Metro LSi 1.3

120,000 miles trouble free, Get to Know Geo!

115 words, 2 comments

Metro LSi 4 cylinder

A good choice for a budget minded person

117 words, 2 comments

Metro LSI Sedan 1.3

Could use a little more power...

16 words, 1 comment

Metro LSi 1.3

An excellent subcompact for the money

44 words

Metro LSi 1.3

Leave it up to GM to drop one of their best cars

89 words, 12 comments

Metro LSi 1.3


115 words

Metro LSi 1.3

Never had a problem with my windows

58 words


Okay most of the time, but the window can be a pain in the backside

86 words, 18 comments

Metro LSi 1.3

Get to know Geo!

34 words

Metro LSi 1.3

Very reliable

43 words

Metro LSi 1.3


27 words

Metro LSi 1.3

70 words


55 words, 10 comments