Prizm LSi 1.8

One of the two best cars I ever owned

100 words

Prizm LX 1.8

Reliable value

131 words

Prizm LSi 1.6 gasoline


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Prizm LSI 1.6

A wise economical auto purchase

39 words


It is the best car I have ever owned

60 words

Prizm LSI 4 cylinder

The Millennium Falcon of cars - not much to look at, but she's got it where it counts

234 words

Prizm LSI 1.8L

The car is a GREAT choice for a child's first car

80 words


Great value

154 words

Prizm LSi 1.8

Great compact car!

190 words

Prizm LSi 1.6L

OK, but could be better

176 words, 6 comments

Prizm LSi 1.8L

Amazing gas saver

80 words


This car became known as "the tank"...reliable, safe, and probably one of the best cars out there!

136 words

Prizm LS 1.6L

Must have first car!!!

212 words


The best car for the money!

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Very realiable car

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Prizm LSI 4 cylinder


38 words

Prizm LSi

It's a workhorse in a small package

197 words

Prizm EX 1.6

The best car I've ever had. I love it.

78 words

Prizm LSi 1.6L

I would buy another one in an instant!!

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Prizm 1.6

A great car for college, or city living, but not much fun to drive even with a stick shift

216 words, 5 comments

Prizm LSi 1.8

Great car good performance and maneuverability!!!

101 words, 2 comments

Prizm LSi 1.6

A great car with a bad reputation

37 words, 2 comments

Prizm LSi 1.8

My wife and I LOVE this car!

203 words, 5 comments

Prizm LSi 1.8

Geo flagship and I can see why it's the best out of the group

22 words

Prizm LSi 1.8

Mini Lexus with a Geo tag!

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Prizm LSi 1.8

53 words, 1 comment

Prizm LSi 1.8

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