Tracker 1.6

This is a cheap, tough, sporty toy!

189 words

Tracker 1.6

Love it!

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Tracker Base model 1.4L gasoline

This is an all-around excellent compact sport-utility vehicle.

50 words

Tracker 1.6

It's fun to drive and gives a sense of reliability to own

67 words

Tracker 1.6L EFI

It's a great little SUV for both getting to and from work as well as having fun in the mud

187 words

Tracker LSI

I can't wait to drive it everyday!

267 words, 1 comment

Tracker soft top 4x4 1.6L

Generally a good car

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117 words, 4 comments

Tracker LSi 1.6L

Good first car

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Tracker 1.6L

113 words

Tracker 2wd 1.6

I Love My Tracker

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Tracker 1.6

Good, but needs a lot of work!

136 words

Tracker 2dr. 4x4 1.6L

Trail buggy extreme!

149 words

Tracker 1.6L

A tough, fun, reliable ride

159 words

Tracker 1.6L

Great for short trips

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Tracker 1.6L 8v

Tough, fun to drive, and reliable

110 words

Tracker 4x4 1.6 8v

Great car

83 words

Tracker 4X4 1.6L

Good performance, but parts are hard to come by

186 words, 6 comments

Tracker LSi 4 cylinder

OK, if you want to perform repairs yourself

235 words

Tracker 2wd convertible

19 words

Tracker LSI 4X4 1.6

No problems, Best car I've ever had!

56 words

Tracker 4 cyl

Attention getting

80 words

Tracker LSI 4x4 1.6

45 words, 7 comments