1991 Geo Tracker LSI from North America


I can't wait to drive it everyday!


I have owned 2 Trackers-a 1995 and a 1991. Nothing went wrong with the 1995-at all. I just did the normal maintenance stuff.

I just recently got the 1991 and the exhaust had just been replaced.

Now there are minor electrical problems, but they are kind of funny. My horn is moody and sometimes doesn't work, and sometimes the dash lights won't come on unless I tap in that special place.

I just keep up on the regular stuff and both me and my Tracker stay happy.

General Comments:

I am a die-hard old-model, Geo Tracker fan. Every car cannot be made perfect for every single person. That's why they have levers to adjust the seats, controls, options, and other add-ons you can buy for comfort, like seat/back cushions, consoles, etc.

The ride may be bumpy, but if that is not what you enjoy and can have fun with, get something else. There is a type of vehicle made for different personalities out there.

I have never felt unsafe in my Tracker, nor have I ever wished I had another car. I don't know what I'm going to do when this style is gone-I don't like the newer Chevy Trackers.

At 13 years old and 166,000 miles, this jeep is unbelievably reliable. It still passes with power, can climb steep hills at good speed, is good on the highway, and still gets 210 miles per tank. It is worth every penny to keep it in good shape.

My next project is to replace the tires, get an alignment, new seat covers, 4x4 decals, and repair minor surface rust spots.

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Review Date: 2nd November, 2004

1st Aug 2009, 06:34

I also have a 91 GEO Tracker LSi 4WD with Removable Hardtop. I love it. It's not made to handle the hard use and won't handle the off road wear and tear like the CJ5 Jeep I had, but it is much better looking and has better gas mileage, and cost me a lot less! Just wish they could have built it to handle heavy off road use better. Oh well.

I have had it for 6 years, spent about $200 a year on maintenance. Has about $140,000 miles and hope to keep it another 6 years at least. Sorry Obama, not trading it in!

1991 Geo Tracker soft top 4x4 1.6L from North America


Generally a good car


ECM twice. See general comments.

Two leaky roofs (original one never leaked, it was just old so I replaced it).

Regular stuff like head gasket, oil pan gasket, timing belt.

General Comments:

This truck is great in the winter because of the 4x4 and fun to drive in the summer because of the convertible factor. However I found the seats quite uncomfortable on drives more than an hour.

The original roof was fine just faded so I bought an aftermarket one from Bes-top. It was sort of like a fabric material and after a few months of rain it created black goo on my paint where the water runoff was that couldn't be washed off. My truck got broken into and I got an OEM roof from GM (it leaked at the rear seam where the snap buttons are on the inside. I got it replaced and the same thing happened.

My major complaint and ultimate reason I sold it was the ECM. It went twice, about a month after I bought it and about a month before I sold it. $1000 dollars each time for a mechanic to diagnose the problem and then replace it.

"That is ridiculous."

I wasn't prepared to pay for a third one and maybe the next time it happened I could be in the middle of no-where. Be warned, after reading some other reviews I think this was a problem on some models.

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Review Date: 30th September, 2004

24th Sep 2005, 10:49

Writer is correct, ECM is a problem waiting to happen on all these through 94, and many other makes of cars as well. But it is an easy and cheap fix. Don't go to a dealer! The ECM is in a black box up behind the pedals. Easy to replace yourself. Go to ebay, and find the guy who rebuilds them for 65 bucks, return shipping free! Or buy one of the many rebuilds available on ebay or elsewhere for 150-200. It is a shame to let this problem prevent ownership of an otherwise handy little car. Good luck.