1991 Geo Tracker 4x4 1.6 8v from North America


Great car


It's had three engine replacements so far.

Driver's seat is torn.

Driver's floorboard carpet is torn.

Water pump wore out and had to be replaced.

Transmission was torn up by fast driving.

General Comments:

This car is a great buy if you don't mind a few probelms here and there. It was made from strong stuff and can hold its own with the best of them.

It handles very lightly and easily. It's good for highway driving because of its short wheelbase.

Good car overall.

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Review Date: 12th January, 2002

1991 Geo Tracker 4X4 1.6L from North America


Good performance, but parts are hard to come by


Overall engine performance has been good, engine seals went bad around 133,354 miles but were an easy repair.

Some parts are very hard to come by - computer, air duct hose.

I found that during cold weather, if not warmed up for around 10 minutes, the transmission may not want to go causing wasting of gas, but during the summer, fuel mileage was around 160 miles to a full tank of fuel.

General Comments:

The best oil to use in the changes is Valvoline, it's the best amount to use and lasts the longest.

Keeping general service done will keep your Geo running at top shape for many years, but attempt to keep it washed as much as possible due to road salt and dirt eating away at the paint.

Tires are also good to keep into condition, the best bet would be Goodyear all season tires, they last the longest and wear down the best, should last at least a year and 1/2 if well maintained.

A full tank of fuel will last around to 140 miles or more, depending on how often you drive the vehicle.

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Review Date: 9th December, 2001

29th Jul 2004, 00:58

Steven, I'm guessing you have an automatic tranny. If so, you probably have a leaking isolation valve inside the converter, so the engine has to fill up the converter when you start. Try running it in neutral, because the pump will then fill the converter while you warm up the engine.

You report 160 to 140 miles on an 11 gallon tank... that's horrible mileage for this car! You should be up around 200 to 260 miles on a tank with the automatic. Has anybody checked your O2 sensor?? If it goes bad, your mileage gets bad.

1991 Geo Tracker LSi 4 cylinder from North America


OK, if you want to perform repairs yourself


5,000 - Needed a new engine.

25,000 - Transmission rebuild.

50,000 - Transmission rebuild.

55,000 - New convertible top.

65,000 - Transmission rebuild.

70,000 - New cylinder head.

120,000 - New cylinder head.

125,000 - New convertible top.

145,000 - New engine and clutch.

146,000 - New convertible top.

All the engine problems were from the camshaft retaining screws coming out and getting jammed into the head by a cam lobe. This caused the oil and water to mix.

General Comments:

There was a lot of warranty work done at the dealer. On the second head rebuild the dealer tried to back out of paying. I had to show proof of oil changes. I had receipts, log book, and the box top of each oil filter. They also tried to not pay for the second transmission rebuild.

After the warranty expired I have done all repairs myself. I replaced the engine with one from a 94 Geo Tracker with 47,000 miles. I plan on driving it for another few years.

I have been the only owner of this Tracker for over 10 years. It looks good, with the new top again. The paint on the hood started to peel, but I re-painted it myself.

One key area, is that many parts are not available from any parts store. They are dealer only. I had to make a clutch pilot shaft tool myself to install the new clutch.

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Review Date: 10th October, 2001